Lagunitas Invites #BBC14 to Announce the Release of Born Yesterday Pale Ale

The 2014 Beer Bloggers Conference wrapped up this past weekend in San Diego, and a welcome, glorious, and delicious constant at the conference was the presence of the Lagunitas team, their quirk, and their beer!

HopVapin’ Station

At the Friday afternoon trade show, Lagunitas drew a crowd by enticing participants to experience their HopVapin’ Station.

Lagunitas brought their vaporizer, and yes, while this Northern California brewery does play along with the weed culture of their community, their vaporizer was brought for a different kind of higher purpose – to vaporize hops.

By smelling vaporized hops, one gets to experience the true essence of the flower. 

 Lagunitas After Party

On Friday night after dinner at Karl Strauss Brewery, Lagunitas invited all BBC14 participants back to the hotel for more vapin’, some music, beer, and to share in a big announcement.

A fun band entertained while the Lagunitas poured freely. It was marvelous. The guys from the brewery brought their magic couch, which was enjoyed by several guests!

David Bardallis took a nap…

and these gals dodged some balls…

while these two took a ride on a bottling line…

But the highlight of the night was when Lagunitas did something pretty special.

They brought a new beer to the party, released it to the BBC14 beer bloggers first, and are letting beer bloggers announce the beer to the rest of the world!

Born Yesterday Pale Ale

Born Yesterday Pale Ale hasn’t been released yet, but will soon on the West Coast. It’s a fresh, wet-hopped pale ale that uses Willamette, Citra and Mosaic hops. ABV is 6.2%.

Born Yesterday, scheduled to hit the store shelves within 24 hours of being brewed, is perhaps the freshest beer you can find; it is also insanely good.

BBC14 Attendees – this is your chance to make headlines. You are the press release; you are the news maker.

Have a question for Lagunitas about Born Yesterday, or about any of their beer in general? Send them a tweet to get in touch:


Beer Bloggers Heading to Asheville, North Carolina in 2015

Moments ago, the founder and CEO of Sierra Nevada Brewing company, Ken Grossman, announced during his keynote speech the next Beer Bloggers Conference will take place in Asheville, North Carolina from July 17-19, 2015. BBC15 Registration is open now.BBC15 logo NA only

Asheville is one of the greatest beer towns in the world, with over two dozen breweries in the town of less than 90,000 citizens. According to the NC Beer Guys blog, the state of North Carolina now has 111 breweries.

But it is more than just numbers that make Asheville and North Carolina high on a beer blogger’s list of places to visit. The town itself is a fun small town with lots to do and the brewers are leading the nation in the beer revolution.

We want to especially thank Oskar Blues and Sierra Nevada for already stepping up to announce their participation in next year’s conference. We will be visiting Oskar Blues’ new brewery for an afternoon Taste the Taps event and Sierra Nevada’s new brewery for a dinner, tour, and tasting. Both Oskar Blues and Sierra Nevada are long-time friends of the Beer Bloggers Conference and we appreciate their early support of BBC15. We will be adding additional sponsors starting immediately – please contact for information.

The conference will take place at the FourPoints Asheville, which is located right downtown with 10 breweries within a mile walk. Our group rate is $159, which is a good deal for Asheville in the summer. Our room block is fairly limited so if you want to stay in the host hotel, please book your room now using the FourPoints Asheville BBC15 Group Reservations page.

Space is also tight in the hotel’s conference room and so we are going to be limited to a maximum of 150 attendees. Because of this, we do expect to sell out in advance, so please register early! Please know we are working on the European Beer Bloggers Conference for 2015 and hope to announce it soon.

BBC15 Registration

Reyes Beverage Group – Supporting the Craft Community Throughout the Entire Supply Chain


*A Note from BBC14 Grand Sponsor, Reyes Beverage Group*

Host of BBC14 Conference Opening Lunch on Friday, August 22

What do Three Floyds, Dogfish Head, Firestone Walker, Lagunitas, Solemn Oath, Sierra Nevada, Flying Dog, New Belgium, Allagash and Ballast Point all have in common?  They are a handful of very well respected and fast growing breweries in the country AND all of which are distributed by one of the most progressive distributors in the country, Reyes Beverage Group.

Reyes delivers Corona, Guinness, Heineken and Miller.  Sure, these are big brands.  But their additional dedication to the craft community and small brewers sets them apart from other distributors. Their scale and operational excellence are matched by a true passion for supporting the grass roots craft world as evidenced not only by their early support of the Brewers Association but through their portfolio and partnership with the likes of New English, Mike Hess, Penrose, Belching Beaver, Green Flash, Vander Mill, Metropolitan, Surly, Lost Abbey, Oskar Blues, Left Hand, Great Divide, Anderson Valley, North Coast, Smuttynose, Victory and many others who trust Reyes to store, protect, market, sell and deliver their hand crafted brews.

Reyes delivers beer to 40,000 retailers across the country including bars, restaurants and supermarkets in Southern California (from Santa Barbara to San Diego), Chicago, and Washington DC, as well as Norfolk and most of Northern Virginia, Charleston and Orlando and the surrounding areas.

It’s safe to say, they know a thing or two about what people are drinking! They shared a few of the trends they’re seeing while helping us prepare for the Beer Bloggers Conference here in San Diego, home of Crest Beverage, a joint venture between the Sourapas family and Reyes.

Of no surprise to any of the BBC14 beer bloggers, the trends Crest Beverage sees in the marketplace are highlighted by:

  • an overall shift to the high-end with greater demand for craft beer
  • the growth of cider and Mexican imports

Crest Beverage uses these insights to help evaluate their beer offerings to ensure the retailer is meeting the needs of their beverage customers.

Joe Lotito, General Manager for Unique Craft Solutions, the Reyes distributorship based in LA, says:

“We’ve always been a leader on the operational side, which is important for managing skus and maintaining quality, but where we’re really focused now is hand selling. Craft beer is not a high volume business, our job for the craft beer industry is to make sure the beer is in the right account, where the brewer wants it, and that we service those accounts they way they need to be serviced.”

Reyes has added more positions and specialized craft folks in all their houses to serve the craft world. Their most recent addition is Steve Almaraz, who joined Reyes from Firestone Walker. He relays,

“Reyes has evolved; we can deliver to the biggest accounts and forecast better than any distributor, which is of value to everyone, AND we will get a one-off keg to a special account for a special evening. That’s a big deal for our craft partners.”

All the Reyes folks we spoke with agreed it’s getting more complex – saying consumers and retailers want something new, fresh and local. They said craft brewers deliver on that request over and over but that also leads to more skus. The proliferation of sku’s, especially with seasonal and collaboration brews, requires a sophisticated system and lots of cold storage, both of which Reyes has plenty of, to ensure both quality and customer service.

As Wes the director of business development at Reyes Windy City Distributing calls it,

“Yeah, it’s noisy out there with a lot of new breweries entering the market, but it’s our job to make sure we put the right beer in the right accounts in the right quantities.  It’s not just about what’s “new” or “rare” all the time.  That is a growing minority of the industry, but the more important role for distributors going forward is to support the craft beer community that exists while always trying to cultivate the new craft beer fan.”

Reyes supports the BA’s quality efforts, through ensuring they order the right amount of beer and store and deliver it in the right manner as well as educate retailers on quality whether its refrigeration, line cleaning or glassware. John Engel from Chicago Beverage System leads an in-depth level two Cicerone training which has led to unprecedented passing rates for the difficult test by the CBS team and better educated sales team.

Jessica Muskey Vice President of Marketing for Premium Distributors of Washington DC, said Ryan Curley from Premium conducted draft training for bars in Washington DC last week.

Jessica talked about the importance of forecasting demand and managing retailer and consumer expectations when a brand is in high demand as they just had with Flying Dog’s Dead Rise. “I have never seen a limited release have such a dramatic impact on our market.  Everywhere you looked people were talking about Dead Rise. We worked closely with Flying Dog on allocations, to make sure we could get Dead Rise where Flying Dog wanted it. The key for the success was communication; Flying Dog was constantly updating us on production and we relayed that info real time to our sales team what kept the accounts informed.”

The success of a brewery and that of its brands relies on coalition of players, the brewer who hand crafts it, the distributor who helps sell, merchandise and deliver it, the retailer who also sells, presents and serves it and the beer lovers and media such as yourself who savor and share the story.

It’s evident that the Reyes team’s passion for beer, breweries, the bar industry, and the beer community, overall, is central to its operations.  We look forward to being a part of the 2014 Beer Bloggers Conference in San Diego!

BBC14 – Saturday Lunch with Yard House

*A Note from BBC14 Grand Sponsor, Yard House*


Saturday’s lunch will be hosted at Yard House San Diego. Yard House is a modern public house with locations across the country, each focused on food, beer and good times.

Each Yard House features more than 125 draft beer taps, including a rotating selection of seasonal and limited selections on the “Chalkboard Series.” Yard House San Diego features 130 tap handles, including the House Honey Blonde, IPA and White Ale.

Try out of any of the beers on tap during lunch, including the restaurant’s house beers crafted in partnership with Uinta.

To wash it all down, Yard House will be serving a selection of their most popular dishes.  Yard House’s menu features American favorites, each updated with quality ingredients and globally inspired flavors, ranging from shareable snacks and appetizers to grilled burgers and fresh seafood. During lunch, try Ahi Poke Stack, Moo Shu Eggrolls and Yard House’s signature (Mac + Cheese)2.

From the 5,000 gallons of beer that flow through the keg room, to the carefully crafted playlist of rock, to the menu that reads like a road- trip across America, Yard House is excited to share its passion for beer and food with you during the Beer Bloggers Conference.

Beer City USA – Grand Rapids, Michigan

The 2014 Beer Bloggers Conference is almost here!  This annual convergence of beer bloggers, traditional media, brewers, and brewing enthusiasts descends upon San Diego, a city that regularly boasts placement in Top 10 lists of beer locales to visit.  Experience Grand Rapids, a BBC14 sponsor, gives us their Michigan beer perspective.  We look forward to tasting their beers at the conference, too!

A Note from BBC14 Premier Sponsor, Experience Grand Rapids

In May of 2012, 17,849 votes were cast in favor of Grand Rapids as Beer City USA; A tie with the votes cast for Asheville, NC.  The two cities gladly shared the title and the glory during the fourth year of the online poll.  In 2013, Grand Rapids mobilized for the win.  Brewers, enthusiasts and unsuspecting brew-pub customers were swept up in the spirit of the campaigning process that lasted a week. 27,005 voters from Michigan and beyond rallied behind the burgeoning craft beverage industry in West Michigan and we brought the Beer City home.

Even by 2012, the state of Michigan boasted 122 craft breweries, 5th out of our fifty states.  This number has only grown, with more breweries opening every month.  Existing breweries in Grand Rapids are expanding and improving both taprooms and brewing systems in an attempt to keep up with demand.  Hop heads, stout hunters, barrel-aged connoisseurs and even domestic beer drinkers are seeking out craft beverages for comparison, critique and enjoyment.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 8.33.26 AM

Photo Courtesy of Brewery Vivant

Kate Avery, the Abbess of Beer Marketing at Brewery Vivant, a Belgo-Franco operation located in a renovated funeral chapel, agrees with that statement:

We’ve made a strong case; we will ride the coattails of winning the last Beer City title.  New places are still opening and beer tourism is powered by things like releases and festivals- the Grand Rapids beer community is savvy enough to continue.

Members of the brewing community all over town are often asked about the level of competition with so many promising brewers in the thirty mile radius.  The one word that comes up in response?


The Grand Rapids Society of Brewers (fondly known as the GRSOB) was founded just a few months before the first Beer City title was awarded in 2012.

Their approach was grassroots: collaborate and share plans, odd recipes, hard-to-find hops, etc.  Over the past two years, the mission statement has slightly changed.  While the GRSOB still does all of those things, there’s also a technical aspect present in light of the sometimes overwhelming beer tourism in West Michigan. For example, it’s more important than ever for breweries to focus on sanitation to prevent a single batch from going to waste.  There are now meetings about topics like sanitation, beer marketing, helpful Michigan farms, and beer festival realities.

But competition?  “Rising tides raise all ships”, says Avery. “The brewers like when other people do well.  The more breweries there are, the more we’ll need specialty farmers, distributors, bloggers and enthusiasts: we’re all proud to be from here and be involved.”

Like Avery mentioned, it is now beer releases and festivals that enthusiasts can attribute to Grand Rapids culture.  These events have garnered national attention since Grand Rapids was placed on the Beer City pedestal and breweries have come to expect travelers from near and far to journey here for them.  Releases like Founder’s KBS lead to lines that rival Black Friday shoppers, and just as many camp-outs.

For this year’s release on April 1st, Founders (Grand Rapids’ flagship brewery) sold tickets for the bottle release in the taproom and sent kegs all over town to be tapped and spread the crowds.  The Michigan Brewer’s Guild hosts three festivals a year and for the past two, the annual Winter Beer Festival at Fifth-Third Ballpark has sold out in just minutes.  Smaller festivals like BRU Fest, Brew-Haha, and Lansing’s first Beerfest at the Ballpark are also a place where the public can come and taste as much as they’d like- a brewery tour without the distance driving!  Dozens of breweries bring their finest (and some experimental) wares to please any palate.

In addition to the people directly impacted by increased beer production, fringe industries that have thrived from Beer City excitement include local restaurants and hotels. Hotel packages centered around beer events have become commonplace, and some check-ins have even included growlers, t-shirts, or a Brew and Renew Spa experience!

Cool Brews. Hot Eats. 2014 was a huge hit as dozens of local chefs added some pizzazz to their menu by supporting a local brewery. These craft beverage and food pairings have become their own educational arena, with lectures and tasting sessions hosted at venues like Frederik Meijer Gardens and the Downtown Market. Apps like Michigan Microcaps have been designed and marketed to be fun on your phone, but also provide information about the closest brewery and their accompanying social media channels. The Beer City Ale Trail map released this winter by Experience GR has led locals and visitors to discover all sorts of hidden craft brewing gems around West Michigan.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 8.50.38 AM

We invite you to come visit us in Grand Rapids and see (and taste) for yourself why we are Beer City USA.

To schedule a trip, please contact Janet Korn at


BBC14 Sponsor –

Grand.wordpress hosted a very informative session on how to make the most out of one’s blogging platform at the 2014 European Beer Bloggers Conference this June in Dublin, Ireland as well as at the recent Wine Bloggers Conference in Buellton, CA.  Whether conference participants were already using WordPress or not, the information presented at both conferences was applicable to other platforms and super relevant to bloggers who write about various subject matters.  We welcome as Grand Sponsors of the 2014 Beer Bloggers Conference coming up in San Diego, CA!

There are limitless ways to make a beer: differences in malt, hops, yeast, and even water can produce vastly unique products; it takes a master brewer to understand the right mix of the right ingredients at the right time to make something truly delightful and compelling. Blogs and beer are very much the same: it takes skill and dedication to the craft to create a blog post that draws readers in again and again like that perfect beer draws customers to the tap. Indeed, brewers and bloggers have another thing in common: they can’t do their job without the right tools.

Derek Springer of relays:

“…much like no one likes drinking alone, no one likes posting alone…”

And luckily for Derek, the upcoming Beer Bloggers Conference is all about being social AND learning the best tools of the trade for furthering one’s blogging reach in the community-oriented blogosphere.


A bit about WordPress:

One in five websites uses the WordPress platform and is the largest network of WordPress sites on the web – it sees more than 40 million posts and 14 billion page views every month!  It’s free and fast and controlled by you!  The WordPress user.’s Reader allows one to share and discover great posts and stories and can be used to track and follow other blogs and share content on your own site.

Derek is a fellow beer enthusiast and relays that

“Is excited to sponsor the 2014 North American Beer Bloggers Conference in  San Diego – come by our table and chat with us!  We love to share blogging tips and would love to discover new blogs to follow.”

On behalf of the 2014 Beer Bloggers Conference, thank you for your patronage and support of the blogging community!


BBC14 Pre-Conference Excursion is Almost Here!

San Diego County is home to so much:  70 miles of coastline; the San Diego Zoo; the Gaslamp Quarter; summer concerts at Embarcadero Park.  And, of course, the 2014 Beer Bloggers Conference.  The conference represents the convergence of the beer blogging community, traditional media, breweries, and beer businesses for 3 days of learning, networking, and sipping on beers from the host location and from our sponsors!  Sip, learn, meet someone new and then repeat.  Many times over…

The Beer Bloggers Conference also gives participants an additional learning benefit every year:  the Pre-Conference Excursion.  These excursions take beer blogging guests for, typically, a full day through another beer region.  The 2014 Pre-Conference Excursion happens this Thursday, August 21 and investigates the beer scene of Los Angeles.

We have partnered with several LA breweries to make this Excursion happen:



  • 1:45 p.m               Pickup at LAX. Transportation for the afternoon/evening, starting in LA and including drop off at the BBC14 hotel in San Diego at the end of the night, is included.
  • 3-5:00 p.m         Tour and tasting at Golden Road Brewery 5:30-7:30 p.m. Dinner at Angel City Brewing
  • 8:15-9:15 p.m     Tour and tasting at The Bruery
  • 9:45-11:15 p.m   Evening Pub Crawl to Smog City Brewing and Monkish Brewing
  • 1:15 a.m                Arrive at the Marriott Mission Valley Hotel in San Diego
Golden Road Brewery believes “in great beer, which is an extension of our commitment to family, sustainability, good food, and the arts.”  We have chosen to visit Golden Road, first, on the pre-con because they are self-described facilitators of “fun and self-expression” – two values the Beer Bloggers Conference is a big fan of.  The Burning Bush IPA, a German style Rauchbier with the hops of a west coast IPA, is scheduled to be on tap during the pre-con.  Meg Gill and Tony Yanow founded Golden Road Brewing to bring fresh beer to the local market in the most sustainable way possible and we look forward to visiting with them!
Angel City Brewing, located in the Arts District of Los Angeles, aims to bring “the art of craft brewing to downtown Los Angeles.”  The brewery just hosted their second annual Heritage Music & Arts Festival, which featured a live painting, photo tank, an urban beer picnic featuring their fav food trucks, and, of course, special beer releases. Bringing small-batch, old-world brewing techniques to the beer renaissance of downtown L.A., Angel City will be an awesome pre-con dinner and beer stop with Head Brewer Dieter Foersnter as our fearless beer leader.
Fueled by a passion for creating beers with character and depth using the simplest and purest of means, Bruery owner/brewmaster, Patrick Rue, has created an awesome name for himself in the craft beer world.  The Bruery, located in Placentia, CA, is home to Rue’s experimental, barrel-aged beers, most of which gain carbonation through bottle conditioning, allowing carbonation to naturally occur through a secondary bottle fermentation.  Bloggers will be treated to a rare, evening visit to The Bruery’s oak cellar where nearly 200,000 gallons of beer lay resting within barrels collected from California’s Central Coast, Bourbon County, Kentucky, and beyond.  Our flight, here, will include sour ales and bourbon barrel aged rarities.
Pub-Crawl:  We visit Smog City Brewing and Monkish Brewing, both located in the L.A. hamlet of Torrance, for the evening Pub Crawl.  Smog City Owner, Laurie Porter, and Chris Walowski, second in command of brewery operations, will be on hand to share the awesome Smog City Brewing story of their overnight success.  Just a short walk around the corner from Smog City is Monkish Brewing, where Owner/Brewer, Henry Nguyen, will greet us for a special, private tasting and discourse on his Belgian style beers.  Bonus at Monkish – one of Henry’s fav food trucks will be there for any late night snacks before hopping on the bus back to the hotel.
A big shout out to our friends at West Coaster SoCal for hosting the transportation for this exciting BBC14 pre-conference excursion.  The West Coaster SoCal offers a quarterly, beer-oriented print publication + regularly updated blog posts and digital versions of the magazine to beer lovers in Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, Temecula, and surrounding areas.  Without West Coaster’s support, we wouldn’t make it very far on our pre-con beer extravaganza!
The Excursion has a pick-up at LAX at 1:45 pm and guests are also welcome to join us at our first stop at Golden Road Brewery and board the bus after our tour, there.  The trip ends at the host hotel in San Diego.
We very much look forward to investigating the vibrant breweries in Los Angeles on August 21st!

Goose Island Beer Co. and BBC14

A Note from BBC14 Premier Sponsor, Goose Island Beer Co.


Founded in Chicago in 1988, Goose Island is one of the most successful craft breweries in the Midwest.  Goose Island is excited to bring their Midwest story and many popular, and award winning, beers to the 2014 Beer Bloggers Conference in San Diego.

In the Beginning with Founder, John Hall

John Hall credits an article on boutique beers in an in-flight magazine in the late ’80′s with giving him the idea of turning his lifelong passion for beer into a business reality.  He took a tour across Europe after getting the beer bug and, pint by pint, savored the styles and selections of brews in every region.

Craft brewing wasn’t widely known at the time, but upon return from his European sojourn, John set out to change all that. He settled down in his hometown of Chicago—a city perfect for craft beer, with rapidly evolving tastes and the largest system of fresh water on the planet. And then he got to brewing.

First he made some stellar beer. Then he invited his consumers in to watch his process at the brewery, bringing them behind the scenes every step of the way. The result was a new fascination with craft brewing, and beer that not only catered to people’s tastes, but challenged them as well.

That was back in 1988, and we haven’t slowed down since. By 1995, John’s beer had become so popular that he decided to open a larger brewery, along with a bottling plant to keep up with demand. 1999 brought even more growth, along with an additional brewpub, and today, what was once one man’s pint-filled dream has become the Goose Island story of today.

Goose Island Brewmaster, Brett Porter, who came to the brewery after many years of leading brewing teams in Oregon, relays Goose Island has allowed him to focus on creativity and innovation.

Goose Island has somehow retained an approach to beer that you often only find at brewpubs…an ultimate respect for the craft of brewing. John Hall is always encouraging brewers to first do what is best for the beer. It is the kind of environment where a brewer can focus on the craft and be creative to explore

Make sure during your time at the Beer Bloggers Conference to try the Goose Island beers we are bringing specifically for the bloggers, two of which utilize the bourbon-aged barrel process, which we pioneered!

For more information on the Goose Island Beer Co. story and the bourbon-aged barrel process, check out these video links.  And if you have any other inquiries, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout out:


  • Ana Serafin
  • Communications Manager
  • Goose Island Beer Company

We look forward to sharing the Goose Island story with everyone at #BBC14!

Live Beer Blogging at BBC14 in San Diego

1 room. 120+ beer bloggers.  8-10 different breweries, each with 5 minutes per table to talk about the beers they are pouring. What are we talking about?  The signature event at the Beer Bloggers Conference:  Live Beer Blogging

Live Beer Blogging is a fast-paced, social media blitz that encourages quick absorption (and dissemination!) of information, on-the-spot assessment of the beers poured out and tasted, and rapid-fire communication via various forms of social media.  It is game on with a/v screens displaying all the tweets & posts, bloggers poised with palates ready to taste and fingers ready to type, and breweries primed with their stories to tell and brews to taste.

Allan Wright, founder of Zephyr Adventures, the organizer of the Beer Bloggers Conference, sums up Live Beer Blogging in this short video interview:

Live beer blogging is a signature event of the Beer Bloggers Conference and has caused the conference hashtag to trend on Twitter in years past.   This frenetic soiree is an energetic combustion of beer + social media + story telling, all packed into 1 hour.  Live beer blogging happens at the 2014 Beer Bloggers Conference on Saturday, August 23 at 3:45 pm.  Participating breweries and beer sponsors to date are:


Warsteiner Guide to BBC14 in San Diego

A Note from BBC14 Sponsors, Warsteiner USA


Guide To: The Beer Bloggers Conference in San Diego

Step 1: Clear your schedule from August 22-24 and register for the Beer Bloggers Conference. (1)

Step 2: Plan ahead to ensure that you do/see/taste what matters most to you. (2)

Step 3: Sharpen your beer blogging skills, network with fellow beer bloggers, and do what you do best: blog! (3)

Step 4: Enjoy the cold Warsteiner being poured at the BeerSocial and Live Beer Blogging events- it traveled much farther than you for the conference. (4)

Step 5: Share your stories, pictures and videos using #WarsteinerBBC for a chance to be featured on our Zeitgeist. (5)

  1. A two day conference where bloggers congregate in sunny San Diego to essentially “talk beer.” In addition to learning how to get ahead in the blossoming new media niche of beer blogging, there are many intriguing people to meet, breweries to be checked out, and of course, glorious beers to be tasted.
  2. Plan to attend the Breakout Sessions that you will benefit most from and familiarize yourself with some of the more interesting beers in advance.  Here, let us help you out with that:

Family-owned Warsteiner has been brewing pilsners since 1753, when Antonius Cramer first produced beer at his modest home brewery in Warstein, Germany. Since then, nine generations of Cramers have built Warsteiner into the number one imported premium pilsner among Germany’s private breweries.

Today the Warsteiner Brewery is a state-of-the art facility in Warstein that spans 80 soccer fields and fills 50,000 to 260,000 bottles, 55,000 cans and 1,000 kegs per hour. Warsteiner exports to more than 60 countries each day by moving 40,000 pallets and processing 130 trucks. Its innovative logistics system includes a brewery-owned railway system that ensures optimal shipping conditions for the freshest product worldwide.

Warsteiner Premium Pilsener, Warsteiner Dunkel and Warsteiner Edition Oktoberfest are imported into the United States by Warsteiner Importers Agency, Inc. in West Chester, Ohio.

3.  Webster’s defines “bloggers” as individuals who record their personal opinions, activities and experiences on a website on a regular basis.

With that said, Warsteiner defines “beer bloggers” as sophisticated, highly intelligent individuals who appreciate the finer things in life, and are passionate enough to record their personal opinions, activities and experiences related to beer on a regular basis when they could be writing about anything else. Cheers to them!

4.  Warsteiner will be serving two fine options at the Beer Blogger’s Conference: Warsteiner Premium Pilsener and Warsteiner Dunkel.

Only brewing water, barley malt and hops are used in traditional brewing, according to the German Purity Law of 1516 – which underscores the importance of these natural raw materials for beer quality. Both Warsteiner Premium Pilsener and Warsteiner Dunkel are brewed with:

  • A special combination of bitter and aromatic Hallertau hops that is unique and a key component of the well-balanced, mild-hoppy taste.
  • Top-quality brewing barley cultivated from well-known German producing regions and from Champagne, both which enjoy optimal climatic and soil conditions.
  • Fresh Arnsberg Forest spring water (among other sources) obtained at the brewery in Warstein, Germany – a naturally soft water that helps contribute to the beer’s wholesomeness.
  • A special bottom-fermenting yeast strain for wort (brewed with water, barley malt and hop extract) that is exclusively available for the Warsteiner brewery and, throughout our history, has been kept constant in its characteristics by complex yeast propagation procedures.

Warsteiner Premium Pilsener is a world-class international pilsener with a purely mild, crisp hop tone for a slightly tart, always refreshing, taste experience.

Warsteiner Dunkel is an exceptionally smooth lager with a roasted malt taste and a lingering, slightly sweet aftertaste. The delicate aroma and extraordinary coloration result from a careful barley malt roasting process.

5.  Zeitgeist is the defining spirit and culture of this decade, viewed through the wisdom of Warsteiner’s 261-year brewing history.

More Information