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Oak, Fruit, Hops, and More – The EBBC15 Pre-Conference Excursion

The following is a note from EBBC15 Elite Partner, the Belgian Family Brewers

Innovation Meets Tradition with The Belgian Family Brewers on the Pre-Conference Excursion

With more than 1,500 different styles of beers, Belgium can definitely be considered a Land of Beer.  With a cultural tradition of brewing that dates back to the First Crusades, Belgium’s rich beer history is distinguished by its diversity and wide range of speciality.  The “Belgian Style” is a category that is often used to claim a certain level of legitimacy and being copied can be considered as the greatest form of flattery…but The Belgian Family Brewers aim to bring authenticity to the Belgian brewing tradition.  The Belgian Family Brewers association aims to promote the history and skilled brewing craft that has been passed on over the last centuries from generation to generation in Belgian families.   The association is a proud partner of the 2015 European Beer Bloggers Conference in Brussels this August and will showcase how innovation meets tradition in Belgium on the pre-conference excursion that will deliver education, adventure, and inspiration about the history of brewing in Belgium.

The 22 members of the Belgian Family Brewers association represent a total of more than 3,500 years of experience and tradition in brewing.  All Belgian Family Brewers link their indisputable craftsmanship to the Family heritage and are very stringent when it comes to developing new beer recipes.  In the pre-conference excursion participants will discover how the Belgian Family Brewers differentiate their innovative beers.  BFB will reveal their range of refined and well-balanced specialty beers they have been creating in the last years.

“Diversity in beer is a key differentiator in Belgium.  Its’ the only country that applies 4 different ways of fermenting.”

The pre-conference excursion with the Belgian Family Brewers on Thursday, August 27 is themed:  Oak, Fruit, Hops and More. The excursion leaves at 12 noon from Hotel Marivaux and heads first to Diepensteyn castle, the once run-down castle now owned by Brewery PALM and restored to the historical heritage of the municipality of Steenhuffel.   HOPS = the main subject of this stop and serves as the first inspirational item on our quest to learn about speciality Belgium beers.

lindemans-b6d767d2f8ed5d21a44b0e5886680cb9Our second stop at Lindemans Brewery in the heart of Pajottenland and in the hamlet of Vlezenbeek will explain spontaneous fermentation and its role in Belgium and also the role of FRUIT in the brewing process.  Head brewer, Peter Renders, explains he

“…has been brewing lambic for 13 years.  My father also worked at Lindemans.  During his 52-year career, he helped make the brewery into what it is today”


The third visit on the pre-conference excursion with the Belgian Family Brewers takes EBBC guests to the beautiful Dupont Brewery, where MORE beer secrets are shared with the blogging community.

dubuisson-e4da3b7fbbce2345d7772b0674a318d5 The final stop on this full day beer tour is at the Dubuisson Brewery, the oldest brewery in Wallonia.   The discussion of OAK and wood in beer at Dubuisson will dazzle you as one of the more complex elements that separates good, specialty beer from the rest…

The pre-conference excursion with the Belgian Family Brewers includes lunch, dinner, of course, beer, and transportation to and from Hotel Marivaux and everywhere in between.  On behalf of all of us at BFB, we look forward to welcoming all 2015 European Beer Bloggers Conference participants to Belgium and to share our passion throughout this promising day!

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