Press Release – World’s First Beer Bloggers Conference

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Contact: Allan Wright


World’s First Beer Bloggers Conference Wraps Up in Colorado
108 Online Beer Writers Discussed State of Beer Blogging

November 9, 2010

Boulder, Colorado – 108 beer bloggers from around the United States wrapped up the first-ever Beer Bloggers Conference on Sunday in Boulder, Colorado. Attendees enthusiastically claimed success and started looking forward to 2011.

“It was a great mix of sessions, events, and time to network”, explained Carla Companion, author of The Beer Babe. “I would certainly attend again, and the people invited were credible, quality bloggers who are examples of why we’re all so passionate about we do.”

Beer bloggers are considered the “new media” when it comes to the art of critiquing beer and have a role in educating consumers about the beers they drink. According to conference organizers, there are almost 600 citizen beer bloggers in North America alone.

The event also attracted industry representatives, including speakers Greg Stone from Stone Brewing, Julia Herz from the Brewers Association, and Jessica Daynor from Draft Magazine. In addition to talks and presentations, there were many beer-oriented events including dinners at Boulder Beer Company and Oskar Blues.

One of the featured events at the conference was Live Beer Blogging, a round-robin, speed-dating style of beer tasting in which 12 breweries each poured beers in five minute segments for 12 tables of bloggers, who tasted and reviewed the beer live. “I had a great time doing the live blogging”, offerd Justin Patti from New Belgium Brewery. “I didn’t know quite what to expect, but ended up having so much fun. Everyone was excited and really into sampling the beer and writing about it.”

Conference organizer Zephyr Adventures announced there will be two Beer Blogger Conferences in 2011, one in Portland, Oregon and one in London, England, with dates to be announced soon.

Complete information about the conference can be found at Zephyr also organizes the Wine Bloggers Conference and the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference and co-organizes the International Food Bloggers Conference.