Brewers of Indiana Guild to Host Dinner & Beer Festival

The Brewers of Indiana Guild (“BIG”)is one of the main sponsors of the 2012 Beer Bloggers Conference, taking place July 13-15 in Indianapolis. We are pleased to present details of a fantastic dinner the Guild will be providing on Friday night and the beer festival attendees will be attending on Saturday.

Friday Dinner

Friday evening’s dinner will be held at the Tomlinson Tap Room at the Indianapolis City Market. TomTap (as the locals call it) features 16 Indiana draft beers available at any one time and we’ll have the pleasure of a number of local brewers joining us for dinner. The Indianapolis City Market itself has a tradition dating back to its opening in 1886, is on the National Register of Historic Places, and boasts a wide variety of eateries, shops, and one great Tap Room that will be hosting our dinner.

Saturday Festival

The 17th annual Indiana Microbrewers Festival will take place on Saturday, July 14th, which is the main day of the Beer Bloggers Conference. The festival takes place in Broad Ripple Village, an arts and entertainment district on the city’s north side, and will feature over 50 brewers from across Indiana and around the Midwest. This will be your chance to meet the Indiana brewers and taste some of the hundreds of beers that have elevated Indiana’s reputation in the national beer scene. Tickets will be provided by the Brewers of Indiana Guild. Transportation will provided by World Class Beverages, our host for dinner later that night.

About the Guild

The Brewers of Indiana Guild was organized to provide a unifying voice for the microbrewers and brewpubs of Indiana. Its primary goals are to promote public awareness of the quality and variety of Indiana’s craft beer, and to advocate for a brewer-friendly climate through legislative lobbying and other government relations activities. The Guild represents all craft breweries in Indiana (currently over fifty).

We have been holding this information in for a long time until we could confirm all the details and we hope you are as excited as we are. It is not every year we can time the Beer Bloggers Conference to coincide with the host state’s largest brewing event!


  1. Ken V says

    Is the July 14th brewers fest official, on the upland site on their calendar events it said tentative, curious planning for a big group to go so wanted to make sure

      • Ken V says

        thanks for the reply, never been to this particular fest before, how does this one operate? is it like a tent set up similar to the wine and brew fest for public to buy tickets? Just curious if you or anyone could inform me a little bit on the actual fest itself if thats no trouble