Beer Bloggers Conference is Hiring!

More accurately, Zephyr Adventures – the main organizer of the Beer Bloggers Conference – is hiring for the position of Conference Communities Manager. We at Zephyr organize or co-organize the following conferences:

Wine Bloggers Conference
International Food Blogger Conference
Beer Bloggers Conference (in North America and in Europe)
Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference
Wine Tourism Conference

We love our role as the conference organizer for these communities and realize each community places its trust in us to run what is essentially that community’s annual gathering. Our new Conference Communities Manager hire will play a crucial role in interacting with all our communities (except the food blogger community which is handled by our partner Foodista) by performing the following tasks:

  • Update and grow our blog lists for each of our communities
  • Manage our Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts for all communities plus participate in our Zephyr Adventures Twitter account and Facebook page with information related to our conferences
  • Post on our conference website blogs, answer questions from our community members, and read and comment on our community members’ blogs
  • Attend all conferences to handle both social media and real-life relationship building with our valuable attendees
  • Grow our communities by managing our new community website (coming soon), establishing our e-Fitness Alerts for the FHBC community, and bringing these improvements to all our communities
  • Help to expand into other blogging conference markets we have already identified

As you can see, much of our marketing involves social media and much of the tasks require intense organizational skills and attention to detail. However, the final two bullet points involve business building and we are looking for someone with vision and drive as well as an organizational bent. Everyone at Zephyr Adventures works virtually via a home office and while this is a huge advantage for many of us, it does need to work for your life and you need to be available full time.

If you are interested to apply for the job, please first pre-screen yourself by determining whether you meet at least three of the following six criteria:

  • The site/blog you own or manage has an Alexa rating of one million or less
  • You or the account you are responsible for has 4,000 or more Twitter followers
  • You or the account you are responsible for has 2,000 or more Facebook fans
  • Two or more years of online marketing experience
  • Written and verbal Spanish fluency

If you are interested in the job and meet at least three of the five criteria, please fill out the online application form.