Pilsner Urquell Ensures Fresh, Imported Beer from Pilsen

We are happy to welcome Pilsner Urquell as one of our sponsors in Indy this July.  This year, Pilsner Urquell celebrates its 170th birthday and we celebrated with them in Leeds at the European Beer Bloggers Conference this last May.

As with any imported beer, one of the biggest challenges for Pilsner Urquell is maintaining the beer’s freshness following its journey at sea and, ultimately, to its final destination. We all know the main enemies of beer are time, temperature and light.  In 2012, Pilsner Urquell has addressed each of those enemies, allowing the 170-year-old brand to deliver beer at a level of quality and consistency that has thus far only been available in the Czech Republic.

There are many steps to slowing down the aging process when transporting the beer across the Atlantic. The first is by keeping the product refrigerated, eliminate as much transit time as possible, and to protect beer from light exposure.  To uphold these standards, all Pilsner Urquell beer being shipped to distributors arrives to distributors in refrigerated containers within 30 days.

Pilsner Urquell brand manager Chad Wodskow will discuss this initiative during the “International Beers in the U.S.” panel discussion.  Attendees will also have a chance to sample fresh Pilsner Urquell during the session.