Two New Staffers at the Beer Bloggers Conference

We are super pleased to announce that Heather Herrig and Cindy Molchany have joined Zephyr Adventures to help run our six conferences. If you have not met them yet, you will at BBC13 or EBBC13 next year – which we are working on and will announce as soon as we can.

Heather is joining us part-time in charge of actually running the logistics of the Beer Bloggers Conference and our other conferences: the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference, International Food Blogger Conference, Wine Bloggers Conference, and Wine Tourism Conference. She is a seasoned event producer who volunteered at the last two wine blogger conferences, so she is primed and ready to go.

Cindy is joining us full time to be our “community manager”, which means listening to what beer bloggers are talking about, responding and engaging in conversations as needed, helping to strengthen the community when we can, and promoting the conference – then repeat for each of our conferences. Cindy has seven years of experience consulting with small wineries on business development, marketing, and social media. She also has attended two WBCs, so is familiar with the our conferences.

You can reach Cindy or Heather by emailing them at their first name You can also communicate with Cindy via our BBC Twitter account, @BeerBloggers.

We are super excited to have Heather and Cindy on board, joining Reno (who works with our sponsors) and me on the BBC team. The unfortunate downside is we longer have Elle Potter on our team. Elle decided the monastic life of working at home in front of a computer – we at Zephyr Adventures all work virtually – was not a good fit for her social, butterfly-like personality. Elle worked for us only a short time but has a big personality and she will be missed. You can communicate with her via her personal twitter account, @theshaktifier.