Beer Bloggers Conference Call for Content Suggestions

Now that both the North America and European Beer Bloggers’ Conference dates have been announced, it is time for us to start planning the detailed content for both conferences. To form the content, we first seek input from the beer blogging community and take suggestions on possible topics, sessions, and speakers. Once we get a handful of quality suggestions, we will send out a survey on those suggestions and formatting the content around the topics with the most interest.

The following are areas where we are looking for suggestions:

General Sessions: Here is your chance to hear from experts in the field, be it blogging, writing, technology, or beer. Do you have suggestions for general sessions and speakers? Past topics have ranged from a panel on the three-tier system, to a session on blog monetization, to a tasting seminar.

Blogger Discussions: Do you want a community discussion about issues of interest to beer bloggers? If so, what topics would you like to discuss with your fellow beer bloggers and what bloggers would you like to see leading these discussions?

Block Session: Do you desire longer sessions (2.5 hours) so that you can really sink your teeth into a certain topic? With planning, we can organize this. Possible block sessions could include an introductory course on how to prepare to become a “beer sommelier”, an intensive tasting, or a sensory class. What would you like to see here?

Keynote Suggestions: We are thrilled to already have Jim Koch of Boston Beer Company as a keynote speaker in Boston this year. Who else would you like to hear from, and bloggers attending EBBC, who are your keynote suggestions this year?

To provide suggestions, please either comment on this blog post or email conference organizer Cindy Molchany at Please be specific as to the conference you are referring to (US or Europe), topic and whether you are recommending a general session, blogger discussion, or block session. If suggesting a Keynote, please provide any relevant info that may be helpful to us (contact info, past speaking events, etc). If you are recommending yourself as a presenter, you should be prepared to attend the conference.

We will take suggestions over the next few weeks and then conduct a public vote to determine which potential topics are most popular. Thanks for your input!


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    Boston BBC13

    General Session: I’m always looking to train my palate so a detailed tasting session would be fun. I really liked Randy Mosher’s closing speech last year and all the unknown tidbits of beer history sprinkled in; I’d love to hear more about the secret history of beer and it’s ancient development.

    Block Session: I do not want longer sessions but I would make an exception for an intensive tasting class.

    Keynote Suggestions: Ditto to Dave’s suggestion. Also, Tom Hennessy of Colorado Boy Pub & Brewery whose Brewery Immersion Class has been responsible for many small, shoe-string-budget brewery openings. I believe the book form of his class will be releasing soon if it hasn’t already. Some info on him:

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    Really enjoyed last year’s conference in Indy.

    One person I’d nominate for a speaker (if you could get him) would be Chad Yakobson from Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project in Denver, CO. His work with Brettanomyces and barrel aged beers is becoming quite popular here. Would love to hear him talk about his work with Brett and what lies ahead for brewers who are wanting to create sour/tart/funky barrel aged beers.

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    I’ve never been to a BBC before, let alone ANY kind of blogger conference, so I wouldn’t know what to expect, and henceforth, wouldn’t know what to suggest. I’m just going along for the ride! I have no doubt I’m going to walk away from the experience a much better blogger.

    And Jim Koch as the keynote is a superb choice. I have tons of respect for that man.