From the Department of Awesome: An Edinburgh Pub Crawl Scheduled July 11, 2013

Pinterest user “Department of Awesome” just followed our Beer Boards, so I can claim no originality in this post’s title, however fitting it may be!

Thanks to the efforts of Chris Mair of the Edinburgh Craft Brew Co & The Hanging Bat and Rich from The Beer Cast, we have an awesome pre-conference Pub Crawl scheduled for our European Beer Bloggers Conference in July.

City of Edinburgh

Starting at 7pm on Thursday, July 11th, beer bloggers will make their way through the streets of Edinburgh and visit these fine establishments:

  • Bow Bar: THE Edinburgh beer bar. It’s been established for years and with Mike Smith now at the helm, its traditional interior is complimented by a truly contemporary beer list. That and the hundred plus whiskys make the Bow an essential destination.
  • Cloisters: One of the coziest bars in town. The fire, wooden pews, and the beautiful spiral staircase all add to the charm. The 9 cask lines and rotating keg line with a backdrop of whiskies, rums and gin also help.
  • Holyrood 9A: An all things to all people bar. Do you want breakfast? A snack? Lunch? Dinner? Generic beers? Craft beers? you can do everything here with super efficient staff making it an entirely enjoyable experience.
  • BrewDog: If bespoke beers is your thing, BrewDog is built on the US model of all keg and no compromise. With a select line up of guest beers, it’s a hop lovers heaven. If you know BrewDog, this bar will provide no surprises. Branded, great staff, and a long list of foreign beers.
  • The Hanging Bat: 6 cask lines and 14 keg lines almost solely dedicated to UK beers. Nothing mainstream and almost everything in the bar comes from an independently owned company. A brewkit in the back, kegs for sinks, and great hotdogs plus food from the smoker. All comments suggest the staff are the stars of the show.

It will be a busy weekend in Edinburgh for beer lovers and bloggers. In addition to the Beer Bloggers’ Conference, Chris Mair is organizing the Independents Beer Festival that will take place in/around Edinburgh, and the Scottish Real Ale Festival will also be going on. This pub crawl will inter-mingle with those two festivals.

Registration is underway for EBBC13 so get signed up soon on our REGISTRATION page if you’re not already!


photo credit: Mac Dor via photopin cc


  1. Bradley Graham says

    Hi guys, i’d just like to recommend a final venue which will be WhyNot situated on George st. There will be a launch of an exclusive summer night on a thursday and if interested in a table package/guestlist/exclusive room rental let me know :)


    Bradley Graham

    • Allan says

      Bradley, thanks for the suggestion. We’ll pass it on to Chris Mair of The Hanging Bat who is organizing the Thursday beer crawl for us.

  2. steve says

    An excellent lineup and great to kill two birds with one stone by having EBIF#2 at the same time!