Live Blogging in Boston to Feature New England Beers

We are very lucky to have two strong supporters of the 2013 Beer Bloggers Conference in Boston take the Live Beer Blogging event under their wing. The Massachusetts Beverage Alliance and longtime BBC supporter World Class Beer will host the event this summer and it will feature all New England breweries.

Live Beer Blogging, as those of you have attended a past BBC know, is one of the featured events of the conference. We get a dozen or so breweries to each pour one beer during the event. Each brewery starts at a table of conference participants and has five minutes to pour their beer, describe it, and answer questions while the participants evaluate the beer and record their thoughts – on the spot – on their blog, Twitter, or Facebook.

It is a fast, fun event that requires breweries to condense their pitch into about three minutes and requires bloggers to quickly evaluate and summarize their opinions on a beer.

This year, World Class Beer and the Massachusetts Beverage Alliance are sponsoring the event, which will take place at Burke Distributing in the Boston area. And they are recruiting all New England breweries to participate. Some of the early confirmations include:

  • Baxter Brewing Co. – Lewiston, ME
  • Rising Tide Brewing Co. – Portland, ME
  • Newburyport Brewing Co. – Newburyport, MA
  • Notch Brewing Co. – Ipswich, MA
  • Backlash Beer Co. – Boston, MA
  • Somerville Brewing Company (AKA – Slumbrew) out of Somerville, MA
We’ll provide the entire list as we get closer to the conference date.
Many of you know that Bob Mack of World Class Beers has been a supporter of the BBC since the first one in 2010. We appreciate their continued support. New this year, the local World Class Beer Affiliate – Massachusetts Beverage Alliance – is also supporting the conference. MBA is composed of five separates distributors that have united to form a single Massachusetts distributor working with top craft and specialty brewers. Show them both some love at @WorldClassBeer and @WCBMass.


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    Update: Added breweries to the “Live Beer Blogging Event”

    * Thomas Hooker Brewing Co. – Bloomfield, CT
    * Fatty Bampkins Cider – South Casco, ME
    * Night Shift Brewing Co. – Everett, MA