Friday Night Party at Stewart Brewing Scheduled for EBBC13

stewartOn the night of Friday, July 12th, after a beer riddled feast (details coming), attendees of #EBBC13 will embark on an evening excursion to Stewart Brewing Company.

Founded in 2004 by Steve & Jo Stewart, Stewart Brewing has grown to be one of Scotland’s most successful and loved breweries. Steve Stewart’s brewing “career” started at an early age of 16 when given a homebrew kit. He went on to study Brewing & Distilling at Herlot Watt University in Edinburgh, and later earned his Master Brewer’s certificate from the Institute of Brewings – one of the most difficult exams in the Brewing World. Before founding Stewart Brewing with his wife, Steve worked at Bass and also with Harpoon Brewery of Boston.

Stewart Brewing Company has grown humbly over the last 8 years and now employs 9+ full time brewery staff members. The brewery is expanding to a new 30-barrel facility that is still under construction, and it is at this soon-to-be completed facility that our Friday night party shenanigans will take place!

Here’s a quote on Stewart Brewing Company from Rich Taylor, blogger at The Beer Cast:

Having just celebrated their eighth birthday (by brewing an 8% Belgian tripel), Stewart Brewing are a local brand going from strength to strength. Construction is underway on their new 30bbl facility, just round the corner from their current home in Loanhead. Steve, Jo and the team have become one of Scotland’s real success stories – winning countless awards, and continually strengthening their core range with inventive beers such as Radical Road, Coconut Porter, and a fantastic Black IPA.

And from Steve Stewart himself on the pending visit of #EBBC13 bloggers to his new facility:

You are about to be one of the first to visit our brand new brewery, currently under construction on the Southside of Edinburgh.  Come sample our regular, special and one offs from our range of Scottish Beers.  We can’t guarantee that the place will be neat and tidy, but it will be interesting and tasty, especially if we have managed to install and fire up the 1 Hectolitre trial plant…

So pack your hard-hat, register now for #EBBC13 and we’ll see you in July!