Live Beer Blogging at BBC14 in San Diego

1 room. 120+ beer bloggers.  8-10 different breweries, each with 5 minutes per table to talk about the beers they are pouring. What are we talking about?  The signature event at the Beer Bloggers Conference:  Live Beer Blogging

Live Beer Blogging is a fast-paced, social media blitz that encourages quick absorption (and dissemination!) of information, on-the-spot assessment of the beers poured out and tasted, and rapid-fire communication via various forms of social media.  It is game on with a/v screens displaying all the tweets & posts, bloggers poised with palates ready to taste and fingers ready to type, and breweries primed with their stories to tell and brews to taste.

Allan Wright, founder of Zephyr Adventures, the organizer of the Beer Bloggers Conference, sums up Live Beer Blogging in this short video interview:

Live beer blogging is a signature event of the Beer Bloggers Conference and has caused the conference hashtag to trend on Twitter in years past.   This frenetic soiree is an energetic combustion of beer + social media + story telling, all packed into 1 hour.  Live beer blogging happens at the 2014 Beer Bloggers Conference on Saturday, August 23 at 3:45 pm.  Participating breweries and beer sponsors to date are:



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    this is a super event that sharpens all your listening, understanding, drinking, tasting, typing, texting and “cool beer person” all at once. Trust me – after this event – you will STILL need a beer! Love our brewers!