Try to Keep Track at BBC16 Night of Many Bottles

It’s ON….and we have a LOT of beers to share this year!  In the interest of keeping things consistent and somewhat organized, we wanted to try out a simple yet effective (maybe) test on getting all the beers published for those who hauled them in from all over the U.S.

Here is how NOMB goes down:

After our Beer Expo from 8-10pm, we will open the walls up to all the beers!

We have a form online for those who brought beer…hopefully everyone filled it out.

View the form on your phone during #NOMB, taste and share the beers you love on your blog, social media, with your mom…whomever.

View the #BBC16 Night of Many Bottle Submissions

Mingle, drink up and have a good time.  See you at 10!