#EBBC16 Dinner and Beer with Jopen in Haarlem

The 2016 European Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference is going to Haarlem for dinner and beers with Jopen Beer!

Haarlem is a beautiful town less than 20 minutes away from Amsterdam. The city is not only known for its glorious history, but also for its small community atmosphere, multitude of art and culture and cosy restaurants and cafés. Jopen Beer is hosting conference attendees for a tour, tastings and beer dinner on Friday, August 19th at the Jopen taproom and then the Jopen Church in Haarlem.

Jopenkerk551nieuwlogoFor centuries, Haarlem was one of the greatest beer brewing cities in the Netherlands. Beer was being shipped all over the world in big 112 litre barrels called ‘Jopen’. Sadly, in 1916 the last brewery closed its doors. In 1994, inspired by the brewing history, a group of enthusiastic locals set out to recover Haarlem’s brewing tradition. Recipes from 1407 and 1501 were found and the beer was brewed. On 11 November 1994, the city’s 750th anniversary is heralded with the younger beer, called ‘Hoppenbier’. The start of Jopen!

Divine beers
The rebirth of Hoppenbier was a tremendous success and the adventure continued. Nowadays, Jopen brews quality craft beers, each unique thanks to its story and flavors. A perfect blend of history and innovation. To experiment with beer styles and ingredients we join forces with fellow breweries all over the world to produce Collaboration Brews. And we want to share that with all of you! We strive to bring divine beers in a laid back atmosphere.

Jopen Church
In 2010 the Jopen Church Haarlem opened, a modern city brewery, bar and restaurant. Jopen beer brews divine beer in a former church in the bustling center of Haarlem. Jopen restored the age-old Haarlem brewing tradition to its earlier glory. You can witness the brewing process while you enjoy our Jopen beers, lunch or dinner. With its laid-back atmosphere, contemporary interior and excellent food, this venue makes all its visitors feel right at home.

Jopen taproom
Jopen opened a second brewery and taproom (Jopen Proeflokaal Waarderpolder) in the Waarderpolder, the industrial area of Haarlem. The taproom promises a full experience. It is possible to visit, go on a brewery tour and drink our beer in the nearby tasting room. The tour of the Jopen brewery will explain the beer making process from start to finish. Come and explore behind the scenes and discover how we create our award-winning beers.

Contact Jopen at info@jopenbier.nl for more information about their beers and head over to Untappd/RateBeer and rate their beers!

Visit them online at www.jopenbeer.com and follow them at facebook.com/jopenbeer twitter.com/jopenbier & Instagram: jopenbier