Experience Grand Rapids Hosts the 2017 Post-Conference Excursion

experience-grand-rapidsThe 2017 Beer Blogger & Writers Conference comes to Milwaukee for the first time in it’s 8 years running and the reception received from breweries and local partners has been outstanding.  To kick off what will be a slew of awesome announcements about the BBC17 conference agenda, beer tours and plans for August 3-6 2017 is the post-conference excursion.

Taking attendees across Lake Michigan, Experience Grand Rapids has planned an exceptional journey into the legitimate and flourishing Michigan beer scene.

With the close of the 2017 conference on Sunday August 6th, attendees get to take to the water and jaunt across the pond for a great tour to 5 plus breweries.  Dinner plans and beer breakfast arrangements  and rest their weary, beer-loving heads at an outstanding hotel.

This excursion will certainly sell out quickly and only 30 slots are available.  Read details on the Experience Grand Rapids excursion.

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