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The following agenda is just an outline. We will fill in the content and details in the coming months. All sessions are at the Marriott Mission Valley hotel unless indicated.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

5:00 PM           We working on creating a pre-conference excursion. Details to come soon but plan to arrive on Thursday!

Friday, August 22, 2014
1:30 PM            Registration & Trade Show
3:00 PM           Conference Opening
3:15 PM            Introduction by Julia Herz of the Brewers Association
3:45 PM            Panel of San Diego Craft Brewers
4:45 PM            Social Media Best Practices
6:00PM            Depart hotel for Karl Strauss Brewing Company
9:00 PM           Evening Party with Lagunitas Brewing Company

Saturday, August 23, 2014
9:30  AM          Breakout Sessions

  • Beer Blog Photography
  • Technology and Blogging with

10:40 AM         Breakout Sessions

  • Beer Blog Videography
  • Beer Journalism Ethics

11:45 PM          Depart for lunch at Yard House (return 1:45 PM)
2:15  PM           Keynote Speech – Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada
3:30 PM           Live Beer Blogging
5:00 PM           Depart hotel for Stone Bistro and World Gardens
8:00 PM           Beer Social – integrate all forms of social media with beer tasting (back at hotel)

Sunday, August 24, 2014
9:30 AM            Blogger Reports – Five-Minute Reports from Eight Bloggers
10:30 AM          Marketing in the Beer Industry
11:30 AM           Cooperative Blogging Panel
12:15 PM            Wrapup
12:30 PM           Conference Finish

Program Content

Panel of San Diego Craft Brewers
Filmmaker Sheldon Kaplan, Suds County USA, will lead an informative discussion between local Brewmasters which will cover the history of craft brewing in San Diego and its worldwide influence.  Each panelist has his own story to share to include best practices and lessons learned along the way, as well as thoughts on the future of the craft.  We will welcome to the panel Tomme Arthur from The Lost Abbey, Chuck Silva from Green Flash Brewing Company and Peter Zien from AleSmith Brewing Company

Better Blogging With WordPress
Did you know that half of all blogs use WordPress? That one in five websites use WordPress? We are lucky enough to have several WordPress employees join us to talk about how to better use WordPress and the various plug-ins available to create a better beer blog. While this session will be super useful to those of you using WordPress, many of the ideas will also be applicable to other platforms.

Social Media Best Practices
We all know the impact a successful social media campaign can have on a product or a brand but what are the real-world best practices for achieving results?  The folks at Red Door Interactive will take us through a productive session, focusing on the strategies that have worked and those that have not.  This session will distinguish the differences between being active on social networks and using social media as a tool to promote your personal brand.

Beer Journalism Ethics
To what extent should bloggers adhere to journalism ethics and why should it matter?  What are “journalism ethics” for beer writers anyway?  Is beer writing supporting or failing the industry – a question that is getting a lot of steam these days.  Veteran BBC delegate Alan McCormick will moderate a panel of beer writers and beer bloggers who will tackle some of these interesting questions.

Marketing in the Beer Industry
Marketing in the beer industry runs from A to Z. Large breweries have huge budgets and advertise on Super Bowl Sunday. But many smaller craft breweries have no budgets or, indeed, are selling so much beer they hardly need to promote themselves. Hear from three different brewery marketing pros about their strategies for marketing in the beer industry – and possibly take something home you can use in your own endeavors.

Beer Blog Photography
A picture can be worth one hundred (thousand or more) likes!  Learn how to shoot, edit, and post visual content on your blog and other channels. We will focus on what works quickly and easily for beer bloggers.

Beer Blog Videography
While everyone knows video is the future, if not the present, most beer bloggers do not yet use videos on their blogs. Learn from experts on how to create, upload, and promote videos on your beer blog, all without taking vast expertise or tons of your time.



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