We at the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference, given our emphasis on all things digital, are very into keeping lists. Below are three sets of directories including a Complete List of Beer Blogs, the most thorough list of Beer Tour Operators in the world, and our review of the world’s 20 Most Influential Beer Websites.

Beer Blogs (updated February 24th 2017)

We currently have a list of over 1,000 active Citizen Beer Blogs in North America, over 500 Citizen Beer Blogs throughout the rest of the world, and another couple hundred industry beer blogs. We define Citizen Beer Blogs as those not designed to promote a brewery or other business. If you are a beer blogger and want to be added to these lists or correct any existing information, please use the form below. If you know of other blogs we are missing, please let us know! (These lists do not include inactive blogs, those that have not posted since January 1, 2015.)

Beer Tour Companies
We have moved the Complete List of Beer Tour Operators to the Beer Marketing & Tourism Conference website.

20 Most Influential Beer Websites in the World (updated January 19, 2016)
The first in an annual analysis of the most influential English-language beer websites in the world.


Submission Guidelines:

  • The database is updated manually after review, and only updated every month. Please only submit one entry.
  • Only active beer blogs will be approved and added to the list. A beer-related site that is not a blog will not be added. A blog not related to beer will not be added…
  • Adding your blog to our database means you are also opting in to receive email communications from us. You may unsubscribe at any time.