Agenda – EBBC Dublin


As always, we do not create the conference without first checking with you, our attendees, on what you want to see presented.  All sessions are in the The Church conference venue unless otherwise indicated. Please see below the agenda for details on each session.

Thursday, June 26, 2014
18:45                 Optional Pub Crawl (the #TrailofAle) of Dublin departing from the Main Bar of The Church and led by beer blogger Reuben Gray of The Tale of the Ale.  For details on the crawl please visit the blog post.

Friday, June 27, 2014
12:30                 Registration and Expo (Eat lunch first!) – Tower Bar
14:00                 Conference Opening – Cellar Bar
14:05                 History of Beer in Ireland – Cellar Bar
15:00                 Keg versus Cask and Bottle versus Can – Cellar Bar
16:05                 Panel of Irish Craft Brewers – Cellar Bar
17:00                 Break
17:45 -18:0       Depart The Church for 30-minute walk to Dinner and Tasting at St. James’s Gate hosted by Guinness and Smithwicks
21:00                 Dublin Beer Tour with Pilsner Urquell

Saturday, June 28, 2014
10:00                An Inside Look at the Irish Beer Industry – Cellar Bar
11:00                 Advanced Social Media Strategies for Bloggers – Cellar Bar
12:00                Pilsner Urquell Barbeque - Terrace
14:00                Supercharging your Blogging with - Cellar Bar
15:00                Video on Your Beer Blog – Cellar Bar
16:00                Irish Craft Beer Reception with Beer Ireland - Tower Bar
18:00                Dinner provided by Franciscan Well Brewery with keynote speaker Shane Long – Cellar Bar
20:30                Evening Party with Carlow Brewing Company - Tower Bar


Registration and Expo

Attend the Expo to pick up your name badge and meet our sponsors, many of whom will be pouring beer for you.

History of Beer in Ireland
Declan Moore is the Managing Director of Moore Group, an archaeological and environmental consultancy based in Galway. He and colleague Billy Quinn’s research on the earliest origins of Irish Ale has been featured in The Irish Times, Wired, The Sydney Morning Herald, Der Spiegel, and elsewhere. Quinn and Moore argue that thousands of curious Bronze Age (2500–500 BC) horseshoe shaped earthen mounds scattered across Ireland  were in fact mash tuns used for preparing an early rudimentary ale.  Declan will take us back to the earliest origins of brewing in Ireland.

Keg Versus Cask and Bottle Versus Can
CAMRA in the UK have been championing cask beer as the best way for people to enjoy beer at its best – but there’s an argument this ideology is outdated and actually undermines the advancement of beer drinking in the UK.  In the US, cask is essentially unheard of and keg beer is considered the freshest. Bottled beer has always had the nod over canned beer … until now, when craft breweries are starting to put high-quality beer in cans. We’ll hear from James Winans of the Vanguard Beer Collective and Brian Short from the Brown Paper Bag Project about the pros and cons of these four packaging methods.

Panel of Irish Craft Brewers
Craft beer is booming in Ireland, as in most locations around the world. We are pleased to present a panel of three craft brewers moderated by your fellow blogger Reuben Gray of The Tale of the Ale. Our panelists include Mark Nixon from Trouble Brewing, Sarah Roarty from N17, and Cathal O’Donoghue from Rascals Brewing.

Friday Dinner at Guinness
Hosts Guinness & Smithwicks are delighted to welcome the European Beer Bloggers Conference to St James’s Gate in Dublin Friday evening for a night of beer discovery, tasting and dinner. Here you will uncover the craft of making the iconic Irish Stout, Guinness and Superior Irish Ale, Smithwicks.

Evening Party with Pilsner Urquell
Join Pilsner Urquell for a special evening at the pubs of Dublin.

An Inside Look at the Irish Beer Industry
Dean McGuinness, Managing Director of Premier International Beers, will guide us through how the Irish Beer Industry has developed over the last number of years, will look at where Ireland’s Beer Industry is positioned in an international context, and will suggest where Ireland is going in terms of how our beer scene is changing and evolving.  During this talk, we will be tasting some beers from evolving international breweries to provide some context as to where the Irish Brewing Industry might be heading.  Dean has more than 15 years of brewing experience, and can be heard on Movies and Booze, a feature on Moncrieff on News Talk every second Friday afternoon.

Advanced Social Media Strategies for Bloggers
Social Media is key to beer bloggers because it enables you to get your posts in from of more eyeballs. We all know about the key platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc – but which are key and what is the current strategy for using them? For example, did you know Facebook recently changed its formula so posts on Pages no longer go out to all the Page’s Followers? We’ll hear from Cindy Molchany, Zephyr Adventures’ social media expert, on what is new and important.

Lunch with Pilsner Urquell
This lunch focuses on craftsmanship and is hosted by brewmaster, Vaclav Berka, only the 6th person to hold this title in Pilsner Urquell’s 170+ years of making beer.  Pilsner is shipping fresh kegs of beer directly from the Czech Republic for this BBQ on the Terrace at The Church.

Supercharging Your Blog with
Did you know that over one in five websites use WordPress? Derek Springer from Automattic (creators of joins us to talk about how to supercharge your blogging with and the options available to create a better beer blog. This session will be super useful to those of you already using WordPress, but many of the ideas will also be applicable to other platforms.

Video on Your Beer Blog
We all know video is “the next big thing” on blogs but, for some reason, it hasn’t arrived yet for most beer bloggers. We’ll hear from two experts on how to incorporate videos into your blog and how to promote those videos better. Tomasz Kopyra is a Polish beer blogger who has successfully incorporated video into his blog and has 29,000 YouTube subscribers. Mhairi MacLeod is director at Lux, Scotland’s only creative agency dedicated to food and drink, who carved her career from beer blogging.

Irish Craft Beer Reception hosted by Beer Ireland
Taste beers and meet representatives from a number of local Irish breweries including: N17 Brewery, Mountain Man Brewing, Blacks of Kinsale, Independent Brewing Company of Ireland, Black Donkey Brewing and Reel Deel Brewing @Beer_Ireland

Saturday Dinner With Franciscan Well
Our final meal together will be a four-course beer-pairing dinner at The Church with Franciscan Well Brewery. Founder and brewer Shane Long will host the event and provide his thoughts on the advancement of Irish craft beer. Beers to be served include Rebel Red (Irish Red Ale), Friar Weisse (German-Style Wheat Beer), Chieftain IPA (Citra Hop IPA), Shandon Stout (Cork-Style Dry Stout), plus special limited edition beers. See our blog post about the Franciscan Well dinner for more details.

Evening Party With Carlow Brewing
After dinner, Carlow Brewing takes over and EBBC14 will conclude with Irish craft beer, traditional Irish music, and merriment with Carlow’s brewers. Bloggers will be asked to contribute and help create a new beer with the Carlow Brewers. Read all about the plans for this evening here in a recent blog post on Carlow Brewing.