Logistics – EBBC Dublin

Who Should Attend

* Citizen Bloggers and Writers who write about beer or the beer industry.
* Industry Bloggers who have a blog related to their brewery or other beer industry business.
* New Media Innovators who work in the world of blogging and social media.
* Beer Industry members who would like to learn about new media or interact with bloggers in attendance.

Conference Venue
The conference will take place at The Church, a bar, cafe, restaurant, and beer garden located in the heart of Dublin. Not only is The Church known for its craft beer, it has a basement level that will be reserved just for us. Plus, it actually was a church and hosted the marriage of Arthur Guinness in 1761!

The former St. Mary’s Church of Ireland was built at the beginning of the 18th century and closed in 1964. It lay derelict until purchased by John Keating, who had dreams of creating a neighborhood pub, in 1997. Following extensive restoration over a seven year period, the building reopened in December 2005 as John M. Keating’s Bar. Now under new ownership, the range of services were expanded and the venue is now perfect for the 2014 European Beer Bloggers Conference.

Nearby Hotels

The Church venue is located in the heart of Dublin and there are many hotels nearby. We have organized several discounts and have listed various options for lodging on this blog post.

Molson Coors Stipend for Citizen Beer Bloggers

We are very fortunate that Molson Coors has again stepped up to provide €95 stipends, covering most of the cost of registration, to the first sixty Citizen Beer Bloggers who register for the conference. To receive the stipend, you must qualify as an active beer blogger (see below) and actually attend the conference. Funds will be disbursed at the conference. We appreciate that Molson Coors recognizes the importance of beer bloggers and is willing to support the conference and its attendees!

Cost, Payment, Cancellation, and What is Included

The cost of the EBBC is as follows:

  • Citizen Bloggers €120 (see agreement below)
  • Industry Bloggers €220 (see agreement below)
  • General Registrants €320

Citizen Beer Bloggers or writers (those unaffiliated with a business or organization) pay a reduced rate if you agree to write at least two blog posts about the conference. What you write about is up to you – the conference itself, a sponsor, a beer you try, the content, etc. Industry bloggers (those connected to a business or other organization) pay a partially reduced rate if you agree to write at least one blog post about the conference. If you choose not to accept this condition, you are free to register at the General Registration rate.

To sign up as a blogger, you must have an active (at least three current posts) blog that has been in existence at least three months. You must be listed as a contributor on the blog. Friends and spouses you wish to bring with you who are not clearly identified on your blog as part of the team need to sign up under the general registration category.

Please be accurate in selecting your category as we will confirm your status and it takes both of us a lot of time if we have to contact you.  Please note we do not have registrations for only part of the weekend and you cannot share your registration with someone else. If you must cancel your registration, your payment is 50% refundable through May 27 and not refundable after that.

The conference includes multiple beer tastings, two dinners, and outstanding content. Not included in the conference price are your hotel, transportation to and from Dublin, and personal expenses.

Start Time and Getting There
Registration begins at 12:30 PM on Friday, June 27th so you should plan to arrive in Dublin either that morning or the evening before. Those of you arriving the day before can join in on an optional Dublin pub crawl that evening.

The Church venue is located at the intersection of Jarvis Street and Mary Street in Central Dublin. If you are flying from abroad, Dublin Airport has a large number of routes to cities throughout the UK, Europe, and beyond. There is currently no train connection to the airport and so you should either take a taxi or bus (#700 or #747) into central Dublin.

If you are coming from the UK, you can also consider taking a ferry. There is a direct route on Irish Ferries from Holyhead in the UK to Dublin that takes one hour, 49 minutes with other options available.

Finish Time & Post-Conference Excursion
The conference officially concludes on Saturday evening and you can depart on Sunday morning from Dublin. We are working on creating a post-conference excursion and will provide that information as soon as we get it.