Milwaukee #BBC17 Early Registration – Best Numbers Yet

Conference attendance is rising – Early Registration for BBC17 – Milwaukee shows that the conference is set up to be one of our biggest yet. 

Early registration for #BBC17 in Milwaukee showed the most promise of all past conferences, resulting in the highest number of registrations in the month we announced the conference. In fact, if we continue this pace #BBC17 is sure to be one of our biggest conferences ever!

As of July 31, 2017, the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference had 34 people registered for the Milwaukee conference, which is still 13 months away.

Why attend #BBC17 – Milwaukee?

We explained in a previous post why we are taking the 2017 Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference to “Brew City.” Milwaukee, Wisconsin is not only a perfect place to meet to discuss beers of today, it’s also a lesson in American history, and that is the kind of stuff beer writers and bloggers live for! Read about last month’s #BBC16 – Tampa experience and highlights so you know what to expect in Milwaukee.

What are you waiting for? Register today!

10 Reasons to Attend Three Beer Conferences

We at Zephyr Conferences now organize three beer-industry conferences: The Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference in North America, the European Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference, and the Beer Marketing & Tourism Conference.

Here are ten reasons beer bloggers should consider attending these conferences:

Beer Marketing & Tourism Conference

  1. You should find the content relevant to your blogs. We have a three-hour session on Digital Marketing, a session on What Makes a Beer Story Attractive to the Media (that is you), and a panel on Working With Beer Bloggers: How and With Whom.
  2. You will find ideas that lead you from blogging to other beer industry endeavors. Interested to grow your blog to something more? There will be sessions on Creating & Growing a Food, Wine, or Beer Tour Operator Business and on Organizing Effective Events and running beer festivals.
  3. You will make great contacts. This is an industry conference, so you’ll be rubbing elbows with marketing folks from breweries, brewers guilds, and other beer tourism related organizations.
  4. Who knows? You might even find a job. We have had a number of beer bloggers move into full-time roles with breweries or guilds and attending this conference will at minimum show you are dedicated to the subject.
  5. As a Citizen Beer Blogger, you get $200 off the registration cost if you plan to cover the conference. Just email us for a discount code and remember to register now as prices increase July 1.

Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference

  1. These are THE annual conferences for beer bloggers and writers. The BBWC is now in its seventh year and the EBBWC is in its sixth. If you want to be a serious beer blogger, this is the place to be.
  2. The content is king. These are the only conferences where the content is tailored to beer bloggers and writers, with a combination of practical information (social media, videography, search engine optimization) and potential story ideas (sour beers, faults, etc).
  3. But the people is why you’ll return. If you are a beer blogger working remotely from your home “office”, you might not have a lot of contact with other bloggers. This is your chance to make connections, share notes, and drink a beer together with both bloggers and industry representatives.
  4. You get a heck of a lot for very little cost. Thanks to our sponsors, registration fees at the BBWC and EBBWC are low and benefits (meals, beer, and content) are high. We even negotiate great deals on hotels and pick locations (Tampa and Amsterdam) that are easy to reach. If you haven’t looked up airfares recently, you might be surprised.
  5. Make It a Vacation! If you are a North American beer blogger, what better reason do you have to organize a trip to Europe than to attend the European Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference?

Come join us!


Beer Bloggers Conference – Only Three Spaces Left

We at Zephyr Adventures, organizers of the first-ever Beer Bloggers Conference, admittedly did not know for sure how this first conference would take among bloggers. We had high hopes, given our success with previous Wine Blogger Conferences and Food Blogger Conferences. But the demographics of beer bloggers are different and the size of the community is much smaller.

Thus we are thrilled to have 103 people registered for this first conference, which takes place in less than two weeks in Boulder, Colorado. In fact, given our maximum bus capacity of 106 people for the two brewery dinners, we only have three open spots remaining.

Interestingly, we had a rash of 16 signups in the last 12 days. We know it takes planning and saving to join this type of conference and these latest 16 probably just worked out their schedules or their finances. We’re glad they will make it.

It is nice, too, that 85% of the attendees are bloggers (the rest are sponsors, speakers, organizers, or other participants) and most of the bloggers are Citizen Bloggers, those unaffiliated with a business. This will truly be the world’s first Beer Bloggers Conference and we are excited to meet everyone!