Good City Brewing Shares It’s Success With Beer Bloggers for BBC17

goodcityblogpostGood City Brewing is a new 17 bbl production brewery and urban taproom located on Milwaukee’s densely populated East Side. Co-founders Dan Katt, Andy Jones and David Dupee opened Good City guided by the motto “Seek the Good.” This means 3 core values as a brewery:


Good City is committed to doing everything with excellence, starting with the liquid. Co-founder and brewmaster Andy Jones is a graduate of prestigious UC Davis brewing program who got his start at Goose Island before heading up operations at Lakefront Brewery.  Andy’s brewing philosophy is to keep things simple by focusing on clean, balanced and drinkable beers.  While offering all kinds of styles, Good City focuses on dry, hop-forward ales. With a conviction that excellent food is central to the overall taproom experience, Good City brought on former Rumpus Room chef Guy Davies to run the kitchen.  Davies has put together a menu that pairs well with Good City’s various beer offerings, particularly the popular curry fries and Malaysian Laksa curry dish, which are perfect companions to Good City’s more hop forward beer styles.


Good City seeks to prioritize relationships.  Believing that beer is relational at its core, Good City intentionally designed a taproom where conversation is central.  From the open concept where customers feel close to the production process to the lack of tv’s, everything about the taproom space is about fostering relationships over good beer and good food.   The company also prides itself on being a great place to work and grow professionally.


Good City seeks to harness the energy around craft beer towards productive outlets that improve the city of Milwaukee.  Most of Good City’s beer names reflect what the founders believe are keys to any good city.  The brewery also supports local non- profits through its Drink for Good and Seek the Good Saturday programs.

Six Good Months

Having opened June 17, 2016, Good City has accomplished much in six short months: 18 beers brewed; over 100 draft accounts; launch of 12 oz. cans (Motto Mosaic Pale Ale); launch of barrel aging program (BA Density Imperial Stout); weekly taproom cask program; and several awards that include Milwaukee Magazine’s Best of Milwaukee, WCREW People’s Choice Award for new real estate projects, and inclusion in Eater’s list of Top 11 Hottest New Milwaukee Restaurants.

What’s in Store for BBC17?

The Good City team is excited to host the 2017 Beer Bloggers & Writers attendees in the taproom.  The dinner event will include a buffet spread of local cheese, curry fries, sliders, and other items from the menu designed and prepared by Brewery Chef Guy Davies.  These freshly prepared food items will be paired with 12 different Good City beers on tap, which co-founder and brewmaster Andy Jones will walk the group through.  Good City owners will also show the group around the production space.

good_city_in4Sound like fun?  That’s because it will be.  If you have not registered yet for BBC17, please do so and join this Saturday night excursion to Good City Brewing plus many more beer adventures.

Milwaukee #BBC17 Early Registration – Best Numbers Yet

Conference attendance is rising – Early Registration for BBC17 – Milwaukee shows that the conference is set up to be one of our biggest yet. 

Early registration for #BBC17 in Milwaukee showed the most promise of all past conferences, resulting in the highest number of registrations in the month we announced the conference. In fact, if we continue this pace #BBC17 is sure to be one of our biggest conferences ever!

As of July 31, 2017, the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference had 34 people registered for the Milwaukee conference, which is still 13 months away.

Why attend #BBC17 – Milwaukee?

We explained in a previous post why we are taking the 2017 Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference to “Brew City.” Milwaukee, Wisconsin is not only a perfect place to meet to discuss beers of today, it’s also a lesson in American history, and that is the kind of stuff beer writers and bloggers live for! Read about last month’s #BBC16 – Tampa experience and highlights so you know what to expect in Milwaukee.

What are you waiting for? Register today!

Beer Bloggers Heading to Asheville, North Carolina in 2015

Moments ago, the founder and CEO of Sierra Nevada Brewing company, Ken Grossman, announced during his keynote speech the next Beer Bloggers Conference will take place in Asheville, North Carolina from July 17-19, 2015. BBC15 Registration is open now.BBC15 logo NA only

Asheville is one of the greatest beer towns in the world, with over two dozen breweries in the town of less than 90,000 citizens. According to the NC Beer Guys blog, the state of North Carolina now has 111 breweries.

But it is more than just numbers that make Asheville and North Carolina high on a beer blogger’s list of places to visit. The town itself is a fun small town with lots to do and the brewers are leading the nation in the beer revolution.

We want to especially thank Oskar Blues and Sierra Nevada for already stepping up to announce their participation in next year’s conference. We will be visiting Oskar Blues’ new brewery for an afternoon Taste the Taps event and Sierra Nevada’s new brewery for a dinner, tour, and tasting. Both Oskar Blues and Sierra Nevada are long-time friends of the Beer Bloggers Conference and we appreciate their early support of BBC15. We will be adding additional sponsors starting immediately – please contact for information.

The conference will take place at the FourPoints Asheville, which is located right downtown with 10 breweries within a mile walk. Our group rate is $159, which is a good deal for Asheville in the summer. Our room block is fairly limited so if you want to stay in the host hotel, please book your room now using the FourPoints Asheville BBC15 Group Reservations page.

Space is also tight in the hotel’s conference room and so we are going to be limited to a maximum of 150 attendees. Because of this, we do expect to sell out in advance, so please register early! Please know we are working on the European Beer Bloggers Conference for 2015 and hope to announce it soon.

BBC15 Registration

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and Beer Bloggers: Good Times Afoot

When founder of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Ken Grossman, first shopped his beer around in Chico, California, the reception wasn’t entirely glamorous.

“Probably 90 percent of them or more hated it,” he explained. “But the 10 percent who loved it, loved it.”

Sierra Nevada Brewing CoOver the past three decades, awareness of Sierra Nevada has grown considerably, but it isn’t because of ambitious advertising or marketing efforts. Sierra Nevada has focused on quality and consistency, and have encouraged people who value those things to give their beer a shot. Some of those early folks were writers, and they undoubtedly helped generate momentum.

Today there are industry publications that do great service for craft beer, but Sierra Nevada recognizes that it’s often beer bloggers who are spreading information and shaping the tastes of drinkers in the U.S. and beyond. Your passion drives Sierra Nevada to continue creating, tinkering and, if they’re doing things right, pleasing palates of more than 10 percent.

Sierra Nevada are sponsors of this year’s Beer Bloggers Conference participating in our trade show and Beer Social event, and they’ve hinted that they’re packing a few fun beers to pour and enjoy with you.

Currently, Sierra Nevada has quite a few projects up its sleeve, and would love to chat with bloggers about their second brewery in North Carolina, their new tasting room in Berkeley, CA, beer projects like the Ovila collaboration with the monks at the Abbey of New Clairvaux, their estate hops winding skyward, and whatever other relevant topics pop up.

So beer bloggers – come curious, and come thirsty!

Guest Post: World Class Beer at BBC13

World Class Beer is proud to once again sponsor the North American Beer Bloggers Conference. We’ve been with the conference since the beginning in Boulder because we believe that the story of beer in America needs to be shouted from the rooftops and we know from experience that beer bloggers are not afraid to stand on a rooftop. They tell the story better than anyone.

By the way, World Class Beer doesn’t brew beer. We’re an association of craft and specialty beer minded distributors. And that gets me a lot of questions each time I attend the conference. Most people immediately ask me – why does a beer distributor want to get in front of a group of bloggers?

Fair question. We’re not as exciting as a brewer in most ways. We don’t malt, mill, mash, lauter, sparge, boil, ferment or package anything. In many ways, that makes us far less interesting to bloggers and consumers in general than most brewers. But distributors are an essential part of the story of variety and choice in American beer and it’s a story we love to tell.

On the surface, beer distributors are the guys and girls who make deliveries to the hundreds of thousands of licensed beer retailers (bars, restaurants, liquor stores, grocery stores, etc.) in America every day. We drive the trucks, take the orders, operate the warehouses, and all that not-so-glamorous stuff.

Look a little deeper and you’ll see that beer distributors are a big part of the equation that has given America the largest selection of craft and specialty beers in the world. We bring thousands of breweries from across the US and the globe to your favorite stores and we do it for a fraction of the cost that it would require via a regular shipping service. Our sales people work to get your favorite brands on the shelf and keep them fresh. And we promote craft and specialty beer in your communities by hosting, organizing and sponsoring beer events.

05af2c950335ae6b1d51386e577c8f18We’re beer passionate and knowledgeable. You’ll find that many of us are very beer passionate and knowledgeable. Many of us are Certified Cicerones ™ and BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) beer judges. We spend our afternoons and evenings working to educate the wait staff at restaurants, or do beer samplings at liquor stores so that people can better understand our products.

For those of you attending the North American Beer Bloggers Conference in Boston this July, we hope to see you there. We’d love to have a beer (or two!) with you and look forward to helping make it a fun and educational experience for all of us.

About Bob Mack:

Passionate about craft and specialty beer, and bringing information and education to industry professionals and to the public in order to help build brands and increase the effectiveness of beer retailers to succeed in the craft and specialty beer category. Bob’s focus has been on eLearning, digital tools and social media, all of which can reach large audiences in an effective manner in a cost effective fashion.

On Facebook:

On Twitter: @WorldClassBeer

Beer Bloggers: The Harpoon is in Your Hands

Harpoon IPAEveryone knows that this year’s Beer Bloggers Conference is going to be… Awesome. Part of that awesomeness includes an evening at Harpoon Brewery on July 27th.

Harpoon is well underway in the planning process of that special night; they have started to work on the food menu and, perhaps more importantly, the beer menu for the evening.

In thinking about what beers to have on tap for you that night, the good people at Harpoon thought it would be great to brew a special beer on their new 10-barrel pilot system just for that night’s dinner!  After some back and forth about what style to brew, they asked if it was possible to let you all decide. Our Answer? Of Course it is!

So tell us, Beer Bloggers, what style of beer would you like Harpoon Brewery to make for you?

If you have a style in mind, let us know in the comment section below.  We will take your style submissions until next Friday, May 24th.  From there, Harpoon’s brewers will whittle the submissions down to 4 or 5 style options and put them up for a vote among you and your readers.  We’ll send out a link to the poll as soon as it’s up and running.

Harpoon BrewhousePer Harpoon, the only real “rules” for style guidelines is that it’s got to be something that they can feasibly brew in time to have it on tap for July 27th.  That means that it can’t be a lager or require ingredients airlifted from an exotic locale.

The winning style will be announced via the pint of beer handed to you as you make your way into Harpoon’s new beer hall for dinner.

In working with the folks at Harpoon Brewery, they’re really excited about hosting everyone on July 27th, and we at BBC can’t wait to see what’s brewed.

Now let the style submissions begin!


Massachusetts Beverage Alliance to Host Live Beer Blogging

MassBevLogo_Stem_WebWith New England’s rich brewing tradition, and Boston’s love for all things craft beer, it just makes sense that the 2013 Beer Blogger’s Conference will be held Boston this year. The team over at the Massachusetts Beverage Alliance is a sponsor of this year’s conference, and are excited to get involved in the events at #BBC13 because of the opportunity for New England brewers to reach an audience of craft beer lovers from all over the country.


The Massachusetts Beverage Alliance will be hosting the Live Beer Blogging Event at Burke Distributing. The participating breweries of Live Beer Blogging are:


In New England, local beers rule. No matter what sort of bar or store you go into, it’s a guarantee that the local craft brewers’ wares are going to be represented.

It’s an exhilarating time to be in craft beer, and we are lucky to have one of the best local beer scenes in the country. There are so many breweries, stores, bars, bloggers, and of course, tasters that have built up our craft beer community into the truly special thing it is today – Brian Murphy of the Massachusetts Beverage Alliance

The Massachusetts Beverage Alliance  is a consortium of five distributor houses who joined together to offer state-wide distribution for local and regional craft breweries as well as specialty imports, ciders, and meads.

Each distributor has dedicated craft and specialty representatives that focus exclusively towards the craft category. Each person in all five sales teams are Cicerone Beer Server Certified, and our teams are continuously expanding their knowledge about the ever-changing craft beer culture.

Massachusetts Beverage Alliance offers the best of both worlds for existing and potential breweries. They have one point of contact for centralized ordering and warehousing, P.O.S. coordination, pricing, and big picture strategies.  They also offer in -market expertise and 80+ combined years of relationships from each of the five participating distributors – all of whom have been in business since the end of prohibition.

WorldClassBeerTwitterBasicMassachusetts Beverage Alliance is also a proud member of the World Class Beer Network. World Class Beer is a website and mobile app that is dedicated to proving consumers with the ultimate craft beer experience.They provide “Beer Spy”, “Beer U”, and Monthly Calendars so craft beer enthusiasts can find their favorite beers, learn about beer styles and history, or find out what local events are taking place that they can check out.

Unfortunately, you can’t send someone a beer over the internet (I’ve tried, it just ruined my keyboard…), so getting the word out to the rest of the country can be a challenge. We here at the Massachusetts Beverage Alliance think that by teaming up with bloggers, we can showcase the hard work that our supplier partners have put into their craft, and show the rest of the country how we do it in New England. We are honored to host the Live Beer Blogging event at Burke Distributing and we are looking forward to sharing a beer with you.  We all share a passion for great craft beer and we appreciate the dedication you all have to help spread the word about what we all love to do.  – Brian Murphy of the Massachusetts Beverage Alliance

Live Beer Blogging is one of the signature events at each year’s Beer Bloggers Conference. To learn more about this unique agenda item, check out this post and video from 2012.

2014 Beer Bloggers Conference – The Location Search Begins!

Think your city has what it takes to be the 2014 Beer Bloggers Conference destination? We want to hear from you!

Our search for BBC14 is on, and the first stop is checking in with you, our trusted blogging community, for your recommendations.

We’ve received some pretty neat ideas for hosting in Denver and Atlanta, but we’re not booked yet. So if you want a say, now’s your chance.

Here are a few things we’re looking for in the BBC14 host destination. Essentially, our BBC14 location should:

  • Appreciate what the BBC will bring to its local beer scene in terms of online exposure and added credibility
  • Have a lot of breweries (obvious, but it had to be said)
  • Be easy for people to get to
  • Be a place people want to get to
  • Have strong local support that can provide, at minimum, two dinners for an estimated 150 people
  • Have a conference venue large enough for our group that is eager to host us

If you’d like to see us come to your area and if you think your city would be interested in pulling together a bid for the conference, please send me an email as soon as possible – You can also call me anytime at 404-936-0692.

We are not just looking for site suggestions. We are looking for an ambassador and advocate for any area – someone who can spearhead the effort and get local organizations involved (with our help, of course). If this person is you, let me know and I’ll send you more information.

We will work with interested parties to create a few excellent bids, have a public vote among the blogging community of possible 2014 locations, and then announce the winner live at BBC13 in Boston.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Is Your Beer Blog in Compliance with the FTC? Updated Disclosure Regulations that Affect You.

If you are a US beer blogger and accept free samples, run advertising on your site, or even partake in sponsored content or affiliate programs, there has been an update from the FTC on disclosure regulations you’ll want to pay attention to.

We are not attorneys, and this post is not legal advice so we encourage every blogger to check out .com Disclosures and consult with an attorney if you have any questions. 

The FTC makes it a point to emphasize that disclosures need to be “clear and conspicuous”, meaning that it’s the publisher’s responsibility to adequately inform readers of the nature of the content.

Below is a summary of a few high-level take aways from the 2013 FTC changes. They apply to all types of sponsored content, including simple product reviews (as a result of free samples).

Some things that no longer work

  • A Disclosure page on your blog alone is not adequate
  • A disclosure at the bottom of your blog post alone is no longer adequate
  • Hyperlinking to a disclosure alone is not adequate

Proximity & Prominence
Disclosures and the endorsement and/or outgoing product link need to be proximate to each other. The FTC states that

“A disclosure is more likely to be effective if consumers view the disclosure and the claim that raises the need for disclosure (often referred to as a “triggering claim”) together on the same screen.”

Keep in mind that this applies to viewing of your content on mobile devises as well. As such, disclosures should be as close to the endorsement and/or outgoing links as possible.

To be safe, the FTC suggests publishers repeat disclosures as needed. We are noticing bloggers disclose the nature of the content at the top of a post, close in proximity to the actual endorsement or sponsored content, and repeated again at the end of the post.

Disclosures also need to be prominent – meaning they need to noticeable. Hyperlinking to a disclosure statement is not adequate; nor is changing the size and/or color of the disclosure to make it less prominent than other content. Again, this applies when viewing content on mobile devices.

In Social Media
If you’re paid to endorse and/or mention products in your social media efforts, then you need to definitely read the full document in order to understand the FTC’s expectations on disclosures in Social Media.

One interesting thing to note, however, is how wording of your social media promotion of your blog posts affects whether or not disclosures in that promotion is required.

For example, if you receive a free sample from a brewery and end up writing a review on your blog, you know that you need to adequately disclose on your post that the product review was a result of a sample. But depending on how you word your tweet of that review affects whether or not that tweet also needs to include a proper disclosure.

A tweet that endorses the beer like

“My favorite #beer of the year is the Bland Ale from the Generic Brewery”

necessitates a disclosure ahead of the tweet so that it reads

“Ad: My favorite #beer of the year is the Bland Ale from the Generic Brewery”

Not disclosing in your endorsement tweet that this is an “ad” would be in conflict with FTC guidelines.

However, a tweet promoting your post and not the product does not require a disclosure.

“A review of Bland Ale from the Generic Brewery”

Whether you accept free samples, partake in affiliate programs and/or monetize your blog in any way, please make sure you read the 2013 FTC guidelines and update your blog with appropriate disclosures so you stay in compliance! Happy blogging!

Attendee List posted for 2013 Beer Bloggers Conference in Boston

If you’re curious to see who will be joining us at this year’s Beer Bloggers Conference in Boston, we have now posted the attendee list on our site as well as created a Twitter list of attendees you can follow.

The full attendee roster is available on our website here. This list will be periodically updated as registrations come in.

To view and subscribe to the Twitter list, visit our the 2013 attendee list on twitter.

The conference in Boston this year is filling up quickly, so don’t delay in registering if you want to be able to join us! Register here.

If you’ve already registered, and would like to join our Google Plus group for attendees, send us a request to join. Note: you must have a google plus account to do this.

The winner of the Samuel Adams Lucky Blogger promotion will be announced soon. Thank you to all who participated by registering early!

We will be posting the European Beer Bloggers Conference participation list in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that, and make sure you register to join us in Edinburgh too July 12-13, 2013.