Good City Brewing Shares It’s Success With Beer Bloggers for BBC17

goodcityblogpostGood City Brewing is a new 17 bbl production brewery and urban taproom located on Milwaukee’s densely populated East Side. Co-founders Dan Katt, Andy Jones and David Dupee opened Good City guided by the motto “Seek the Good.” This means 3 core values as a brewery:


Good City is committed to doing everything with excellence, starting with the liquid. Co-founder and brewmaster Andy Jones is a graduate of prestigious UC Davis brewing program who got his start at Goose Island before heading up operations at Lakefront Brewery.  Andy’s brewing philosophy is to keep things simple by focusing on clean, balanced and drinkable beers.  While offering all kinds of styles, Good City focuses on dry, hop-forward ales. With a conviction that excellent food is central to the overall taproom experience, Good City brought on former Rumpus Room chef Guy Davies to run the kitchen.  Davies has put together a menu that pairs well with Good City’s various beer offerings, particularly the popular curry fries and Malaysian Laksa curry dish, which are perfect companions to Good City’s more hop forward beer styles.


Good City seeks to prioritize relationships.  Believing that beer is relational at its core, Good City intentionally designed a taproom where conversation is central.  From the open concept where customers feel close to the production process to the lack of tv’s, everything about the taproom space is about fostering relationships over good beer and good food.   The company also prides itself on being a great place to work and grow professionally.


Good City seeks to harness the energy around craft beer towards productive outlets that improve the city of Milwaukee.  Most of Good City’s beer names reflect what the founders believe are keys to any good city.  The brewery also supports local non- profits through its Drink for Good and Seek the Good Saturday programs.

Six Good Months

Having opened June 17, 2016, Good City has accomplished much in six short months: 18 beers brewed; over 100 draft accounts; launch of 12 oz. cans (Motto Mosaic Pale Ale); launch of barrel aging program (BA Density Imperial Stout); weekly taproom cask program; and several awards that include Milwaukee Magazine’s Best of Milwaukee, WCREW People’s Choice Award for new real estate projects, and inclusion in Eater’s list of Top 11 Hottest New Milwaukee Restaurants.

What’s in Store for BBC17?

The Good City team is excited to host the 2017 Beer Bloggers & Writers attendees in the taproom.  The dinner event will include a buffet spread of local cheese, curry fries, sliders, and other items from the menu designed and prepared by Brewery Chef Guy Davies.  These freshly prepared food items will be paired with 12 different Good City beers on tap, which co-founder and brewmaster Andy Jones will walk the group through.  Good City owners will also show the group around the production space.

good_city_in4Sound like fun?  That’s because it will be.  If you have not registered yet for BBC17, please do so and join this Saturday night excursion to Good City Brewing plus many more beer adventures.

BBC16 Recap

The 2016 Beer Bloggers & Writers conference has passed and though we are now focusing on a great event for 2017, we want to recap and thank everyone who was with us in Tampa!!

This year, BBC16 was grateful to be invited to Tampa Bay, Fl and our partner and sponsor, Visit Tampa Bay did not disappoint in any way.  With a spectacular host hotel, 127 craft beer bloggers, writers, and other participants descended upon the sunshine state to see what this “up and coming” beer town had to show us.

Zephyr Conferences works hard to put on an event that has a good balance of beer and content…and as you can imagine, that is not always easy.  We had great speakers for BBC this year and were very lucky to secure top notch presenters to  bring important craft beer economic information, plus new tactics and new content strategies for writers coming in for #BBC16 from over 30 states.  We look forward to sharing those presentations with our 2016 attendees next week.

Adding to the balance of putting on a good writing conference is the location. Tampa Bay, Florida threw their hat into the craft beer writing gauntlet and came out shining.  Every single brewery and event that was presented to writers to was a hit.  Tampa gave us a great showing of locally-brewed beers, featuring some rare and even near-impossible-to-get brews for bloggers to enjoy.  I think our 2016 attendees would agree with Julia Herz from when she tweeted,  “you have arrived”

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 5.39.48 AM

Event Highlights – The  first nights progressive dinner, organized and put on by the Tampa Marriott Waterside, set the bar high.  Perfect, small bites, paired with beers from Coppertail, Funky Buddha (holy smokes on the French Toast Double Brown), Green Bench, and Cigar City was amazing.   On day two, attendees were treated to a short trip to a four-course beer pairing lunch at World of Beer with MillerCoors.  Next up, the fun and speedy event of Live Beer Blogging was well put together by our gracious friends over at JJ Taylor Distributing Florida, Inc.  Finally, our Tampa experience was topped off with a beautiful beerventure organized and hosted by Visit Tampa Bay where all attendees got to drink and dine at all three of these local, grass roots, and hugely successful breweries: Ulele, Coppertail and Cigar City Brewing.  To all locations that hosted BBC16 attendees this year, thank you for having us…you put on quite a spread!

We look forward to reading all attendees’ blog posts about the conference, events, beers, breweries and experience.  Please post them in the comments below or throw them up on our blog tracker so we can see and re-share your content for you!

A special thanks to everyone who attended as we could not be doing THIS, without YOU.

Please follow @beerbloggers on Twitter and “like” our Facebook page.  Attendees and alumni can also request to join our alumni group to network and share information.

See you all in 2017!

A Night with Franciscan Well Brewery – EBBC14

On Saturday, June 28th, during the last evening of the 2014 European Beer Bloggers Conference, attendees will be treated to a 4-course beer dinner hosted by Ireland’s own Franciscan Well Brewery.


Headed up by Shane Long, Franciscan Well was founded in 1998 in Cork, Ireland.  Situated in the heart of Cork’s historic quarter, on the site of a 13th century Franciscan monastery, Franciscan Well is famous for its naturally-made range of Irish and European-style beers.

Attendees of the Franciscan Well dinner will get to taste the following:

Rebel Red

Rebel Red

  • Rebel Red – Irish Red Ale
  • Friar Weisse – German-Style Wheat Beer
  • Chieftain IPA – Citra Hop IPA
  • Shandon Stout – Cork Style Dry Stout
  • Plus special limited edition beers from the Franciscan Well Brewery

CMK  26022014  Francisan Well, Cork City  Picture Clare Keogh

Founder and brewer, Shane Long, will be host this evening, and he will take this opportunity to share his thoughts on the advancement of the Irish Craft Beer market. When asked about the event, Shane Long had this to say:

“It’s Fantastic that the conference is being held in Ireland, a testament to how far we have come in the craft beer world. We look forward to hosting the writers.”

This one of a kind beer dinner will be taking place at The Church – our conference venue. It will be a night to remember, and we look forward to having our 2014 attendees and Franciscan Well brewery get to break bread together.

About Franciscan Well Brewery

The Franciscan Well Brewery and Brew Pub are located at the North Mall in Cork City, Ireland. Please join them on Facebook.

Franciscan Well is part of the Molson Coors family, who are major supporters of the 2014 European Beer Bloggers Conference.

Molson Coors is offering stipends to the first 60 citizen beer bloggers who register for the conference. These attendees will get their €95 conference registration fee refunded to them by Molson Coors at the event. There are still stipends available. If you haven’t yet registered, please do so now.

The Art of the Perfect Pour

sponsored post

Let’s face it – we LOVE beer. There’s nothing quite like an ice cold beer fresh from the tap. But why is it that the same beer poured at one bar may taste so differently at another establishment? It’s all in the pour.

White_BKGD_Gray_TMThe pour, you say? Around the world, many bartenders don’t realize that pouring beer isn’t just about tipping a handle back and flowing liquid into a glass. Rather, there’s a method and almost scarily beautiful art in getting it just right. Think of it this way  – brewmasters and home-brewers alike spend countless hours on getting their beers lovingly and painstakingly perfect. The goal is to get that perfect batch to consumers as it’s intended to taste. Don’t let a bad pour be the one thing to ruin a great experience.

And that’s where Franck Evers steps in.

franck hongkong 357Heineken is flying in their Global Draughtmaster (yes, that’s Franck’s title) from their homeland in The Netherlands to conduct a master class on the perfect pour. Franck found his true calling to prepare the perfect pint when he met Freddy Heineken (grandson of Heineken’s founder) more than 15 years ago. Since then, Franck has taught, literally, thousands of beer enthusiasts in more than 45 countries across the globe and now he’s here to teach our conference attendees.

Beer recipes come and go, but what has helped a brand like Heineken stick around for more than 100 years is its great taste and consistency. That’s why it’s so important to get the pour right the first time and every time.  The perfect pour ensures every customer gets the beer they ordered exactly the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

This is Franck’s first time in Boston, so here’s the deal: he’ll teach you how to pour the perfect draught and you share your best Boston recommendations. You can start by leaving your tips and comments below.

Heavy Seas Beer Pyrates, Pints & Poets Party

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Ahoy Mateys!

Set your sights on the “Heavy Seas Beer Pyrates, Pints & Poets Party” being held Friday night, July 26, at Stoddard’s Fine Ales. You’ll be experiencing 9 of our scurrilous offerings, including specialty casks of Peg Leg Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels (for the robust), and Red Sky at Night Saison with Lavender (for the elegant). While you explore our lusty libations, your wits will be tested with our Pyrate Limericks along the way, with plenty of booty for the participants, and perhaps brig time for the poetically challenged!

HeavySeasLogoTo get everyone’s scabbard sharp, here’s a Pyrate Haiku about Loose Cannon, Heavy Seas’ most well-known grog:

Thrice hopped in the brew,

Touch of sweetness on the end,

Cannon-Ade for all!

Think you can do better (let’s hope!) regarding any of our beers, the sea or pyrate lore? Email your own Pyrate Haiku to, post it to us on our Facebook (, or tweet it to us at @HeavySeasBeer. We’ll share it and/or tweet it out to all your fellow conference privateers & send some scali-SWAG your way (or bring it to us at the event which promises to be extrAARGHdinary!).

heavyseas3Heavy Seas has been brewing award winning craft beer in Baltimore for over 17 years. Our mission is to craft well-balanced, full-bodied beers using a combination of traditional and avant-garde brewing methods and to be a national leader in cask conditioned ales. A wiseman once said “Always be yourself. Unless you can be a Pirate. Then ALWAYS BE A PIRATE!”


Delaware Valley Video – Makers of “Brewed In Brooklyn”

While you’re at #BBC13 this year in Boston, you may be approached by a film crew for a brief interview or see them around the conference documenting the various session, events, and activities. These will be our friends and conference supporters, Delaware Valley Video.

By day, Delaware Valley Video is a digital media company that produces professional quality promotional shorts for a variety of businesses. By night (for at least the last several years), Delaware Valley Video puts on their craft beer hats and has made a full-length documentary on the history of beer in Brooklyn, NY.

Brewed In Brooklyn is the fascinating story of beer in this borough of New York City. Brooklyn has gone from once being considered the “Beer Capital” of the US (and arguably the world) to not having a single brewery within its border – all in the span of a century. Maker of the film, John Weber, was inspired to create the film after taking a historical tour of several of the once thriving, yet abandoned breweries of Brooklyn.

Below is the trailer for Brewed In Brooklyn. DVDs are available for $20 on their website, and if you’re in the Brooklyn area on July 22, there will be a screening at the Brooklyn Brewery. Details and tickets can be reserved here. A Beer Lover’s Blogging Platform

Sponsored Post LOGO use thisFrom hoppy ales to smoky stouts, great beers come in many shades and flavors. Great beer blogs, too, take many forms, whether you are sharing recipes from across your kettle or reporting on a new find at the local pub. Whatever your blogging goals,, a free blogging platform, offers near-endless options to customize and personalize your blog, and signing up takes no longer than a couple of swigs.

“ isn’t just the best way to post an article – it helps me share and discover recipes and stories,” says Derek Springer, our resident home brewer/beer writer (sure, he writes code too). “I can also use’s Reader to track and follow my favorite blogs, [and] share the cream of the crop on my own blog”.

Indeed, along with Derek, hundreds of beer aficionados around the world have found ways to share their passion for beer through their blog. From enthusiasts like A Year of Beer, and A Female View to brewers like Stout Fellow!, we are excited to see the lively, active beer blogger community that has emerged (dare we say fermented?) on

If joining our community sounds like something you want to try, bringing your blog over is a click away – we’d love to clink steins with you when you’re here. is thrilled to sponsor the 2013 Beer Bloggers Conference. We look forward to hearing your stories and blogging tips, not to mention discovering new beer blogs to follow.

Pilsner Urquell to Host Opening Dinner at EBBC13

Sponsored post by Pilsner Urquell

pilsner_urquellIt is with great delight that we are sponsoring the 2013 European Beer Bloggers Conference Opening Dinner, once again this year. We’re looking forward to seeing the many friends that we’ve made over the last 3 years who continue to support – and enjoy – Pilsner Urquell.

This year, we’ll be joined once at the Edinburgh City Chambers by the familiar face of our Senior Trade Brewmaster Václav Berka, who will be dropping in for a chat and a pint. We’re also hoping that Kim Daniel Bergersen – winner of our annual International Master Bartender competition – will be able to demonstrate the winning qualities that won him 2012’s prestigious title.  The competition is designed to reward commitment and dedication to quality in the industry, to recognise the craft of bartending and to therefore ensure each glass of Pilsner Urquell is served – and enjoyed – as it should be.

We are keeping the beer chilled, the glasses at the ready and our excitement in check, as we look forward to seeing you all again. Until then – Na zdraví !!

Saturday Dinner at EBBC13 Part 2: Williams Bros & the Brotherhood

Williams Brothers BrewingAt the point where ancient brewing heritage meets a group of modern day businessmen making beer and growing an industry within a country, you’ll find yourself at the Williams Bros Brewery.

While remaining humble to their homebrew beginnings, Williams Bros has steadily grown and has become the leader in Scottish craft beer. Based in Alloa, which was once known as “Scotland’s Beer Capital”, the brewery itself serves as a central hub for the bottling and packaging of many of the country’s craft beers.

The Williams Bros portfolio not only includes the traditional and eclectic, craft beers any enthusiast would appreciate, but it also includes the historic. In fact, the inception of Williams Bros began as a home brewed batch of Fraoch Heather Ale that Bruce Williams made from a 4000 year old recipe he acquired from a woman of Gaelic descent. This woman came into the homebrew shop owned by the Williams’ family with a translation of the recipe handed down to her from previous generations. Williams Bros and its Brotherhood are now the guardians of this ancient Gaelic recipe for “Leanne Fraoch”.

913887_458767427533105_1376817354_oAnd Williams Bros is doing a lot more than brewing up fantastic and uniquely Scottish beer; they’re also busy challenging the mainstream market by introducing their “craft keg” range.Taking a cue from the US craft beer scene, Williams Bros is leading the way in the UK by offering up artisanal alternatives to mass produced beers in the form of its craft keg range. Examples of what Williams Bros brews for its craft keg line are its award winning “Caesar Augustus” lager, its “Joker IPA”, its “Williams Draught”, and its “Black Ball Stout”.

In bottle, Williams Bros is also forging forward. In addition to some well known standards, Williams Bros also produces an assortment of eclectic limited edition offerings such as the Stillwater Artisinal Ales Saison Collaboration “Stravaigin” & their “Vintage Cask” collaborations (beers aged in Whisky barrels, Fraoch 22 – In Auchentoshan & Alba 23 in Bowmore), and small experimental keg/casks i.e. Fraoch Export (a 7% version of Heather Ale for the USA market), Double Joker IPA, Nollaig, Citra Sitka and various monthly specials.

To find out what is currently brewing and available, visit the brewery’s “BeerBoard“.

And for a little blast from the past, check out this fun video from a 1995 episode of Cook On The Wild Side where Bruce Williams shows host, Hugh Fearnley, the ins and outs of producing a batch of Fraoch Heather Ale.

Williams Bros is joining Fyne Ales on Saturday 13 June and hosting EBBC beer bloggers for a brewers dinner at the Ghillie Dhu. We want to thank them for sponsoring this year and for sharing their beers and story with us! Please connect with Williams Bros on Facebook and Twitter @WilliamsBrewery

Saturday Dinner at EBBC13 Part 1: It’ll Be a Fyne Evening

This year’s European Beer Bloggers Conference will conclude with a co-hosted Scottish Brewer’s Dinner with Williams Bros and Fyne Ales. This is part 1 in a two part series focusing on Fyne Ales. Part 2, you guessed it, will focus on Williams Bros.

fyneFyne Ales is a brewery that has been producing an outstanding range of quality, award winning beers since being founded in 2001. Located at the head of Loch Fyne in Argyll, about one hour North of Glasgow, the brewery is set in a unique and stunning location. Fyne Ales is committed to building upon British cask ale traditions, while using new techniques, styles and hops. This has gained them a reputation for brewing excellent beers that are packed full of flavour.

The details of the Brewers Dinner on Saturday 13 June are still a little hush-hush, but below is a sampling of just some of the Fyne Ales beer bloggers in attendance might get to try:

  • Jarl – 3.8% – A light golden beer that is packed with Citra hops, giving the beer a distinct citrus flavour.
  • Avalanche – 4.2% – A deliciously dry, straw coloured beer with a fragrant lemon flavour and an intriguing hint of grapefruit in the finish.
  • Vital Spark – 4.4% – A very dark ale with a glorious reddish glow. A full bodied ale which is rich in taste with a dry finish.
  • Hurricane Jack – 4.5% – A pale golden beer with an aroma of sweet malt and light fruity hops. Citrus flavours are prominent with tangerine notes with a subtle lemon kick on the end.
  • Zombier -6.9% – A deep black porter with a caramel tan head. Big aromas and flavours of treacle, toffee and liquorice with hints of chocolate and coffee.
  • Superior IPA- 7.1% – Deep amber double IPA with aromas of apricot and peach. Flavours of tropical and stone fruits with a smooth balanced hoppiness leading to a long bittersweet finish.

fyne-alesNow if you think Fyne Ales is just quietly brewing fantastic bottled and cask ales in the beautiful countryside of Western Scotland, you’d be mistaken. Each June they put on FyneFest, which has quickly become one of the leading beer festivals in the country. Over 1000 FyneFans recently migrated up to Argyll this June to enjoy over 100 beers, great local food and live music over the weekend. By the looks of the photos we’ve seen and this beer list we’ve found online it is well worth putting Fyne Fest into your dairy for 2014.

Join Fyne Ales on Facebook and follow on Twitter at @FyneAles, and help us welcome them to the 2013 European Beer Bloggers Conference!